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I think there’s more politics behind the fear of selling raw milk than the fear of disease from raw milk.

I find it amazing that we are not free to make our own decision if we choose to buy raw milk.  I would have no concern buying raw cow milk or goat milk if I know the quality of the farm and the health of the herd.  I think there’s more politics behind the fear of selling raw milk than the fear of disease from raw milk.  In the past we have seen people sickened by bacteria from lettuce, spinach, melon and beef.  Yet they are not taken off the market nor are they pasteurized before they are sold.  Yet, we are told we must pasteurize milk before it can be legally sold.  This pasteurization process, in my opinion, is creating a dead product and a great deal of loss of the healthy benefits of dairy products.  It’s ironic that a giant organic dairy whose products can be found in many grocery stores and most health food stores claims to be organic and then uses the ultra-pasteurization method before distributing their products.  Ultra-pasteurization creates such a sterile product destroying all the nutrients in milk.  For all practical purposes it can be sold off grocery shelves without refrigeration.  Why go through the trouble of obtaining organic milk and then destroying the nutrients before it’s distributed?  We live in a crazy world these days and hopefully we can look forward to less government and more common sense.

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