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I suppose this is the time when the debate begins as to whether or not you should have a flu shot.

It’s gotten to a point where you can get a flu shot practically free at any pharmacy or clinic which leads me to believe there is more behind passing out vaccines than preventing the flu.  Vaccines are prepared long before the flu season without knowing the strain of flu that might be available the following winter.  It has now come to a point in some businesses and hospitals that if you don’t get a flu shot, you are threatened with your right to work and some have been fired.  In the last 50 years, we lost many of our rights, and the biggest right is the right to choose.  All vaccines are not safe, but if you are convinced by a doctor to give yourself or your children a vaccine, think of who lives with the consequences or the side effects of the vaccine.  It’s not your doctor and you don’t have enough money to sue a drug company.  So, think twice and ask questions and opinions of professionals before you decide on a vaccine for the flu.  Do flu shots work?  No.  What can we do to be healthier to prevent the flu, and if we can’t prevent the flu so what?  We might feel crummy and crappy for a few days, but our bodies will be stronger.  However, we must remember the elderly and the feeble.  They  may be more susceptible to the flu.  And certainly the diets of the elderly are pretty crappy, too.  Be healthy.  Wash your face and hands several times a day, especially your hands.  Practice good hygiene.  Drink plenty of water.  Some juice is okay, especially grape, pomegranate, aronia and black currant.  Berry juices are the best because they have less sugar and far more nutrients than other juices.  Research done by Dr. Michael Holick and Dr. Hector DeLuca suggested that vitamin D3, at approximately 5,000 IU per day, can eliminate 90% of the flu.  Vitamin C, black currant extract, elderberry extract, andrographis, pelargonium, zinc and selenium can strengthen our immune system along with good quality probiotics.  Seek advice from your physician before you decide on a flu shot.  Don’t just stop anywhere to get a shot unless you know the side effects.


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