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Have You Seen All the Advertisements Promoting the Use of Aspirin?

Advertisements of individuals who previously had a heart attack and survived are now championing the use of aspirin.  Does aspirin reduce the risk of heart disease?  A number of studies indicate that it does.  Aspirin prevents clotting of the blood.  Curcumin is as effective as aspirin in preventing clotting of the blood.  However, curcumin may be more expensive than aspirin, but it is 100% safer than aspirin.  While aspirin may reduce the risk of heart disease, it increases the risk of stroke by 2.5 times.  Aspirin causes bleeding in the brain.  An article recently mentioned that a new study found that regular use of aspirin will increase the development of the most severe form of age related macular degeneration by 2.37 times.  Another danger of aspirin is the cause of stomach irritation and bleeding, and in some cases is the cause of ulcers.  Aspirin causes an adverse interaction with anticoagulant medications such as warfarin (Coumadin).  And, in those under the age of 16 with a virus, flu, or chicken pox, aspirin increases the risk of Reyes disease which is serious and can often be fatal.  It can also cause liver and neurological diseases.  Two theories explain the benefits of aspirin.  It’s anti-inflammatory, prevents platelets from getting sticky, which leads to heart attacks or stroke.  Curcumin does exactly the same as aspirin.  The four most powerful natural alternatives to aspirin are curcumin, omega-3 fatty acids, garlic, and pomegranate.


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