The belief is to drug everyone as a mean to achieve good health. And now to prevent breast cancer, this poorly informed beautiful young lady (Miss America) is having both breasts removed in hopes that this procedure will prevent her from having to deal with cancer.

The only way to good health and breast health is to eat the traditional diet of healthy foods grown without chemicals, processing and refining. Avoid sugar (poison) in all its forms and refined carbohydrates. Eat whole unrefined foods. Quality proteins, both animal and fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries and healthy fats founds in olive, sesame seed, coconut oils. Avoid vegetable fats, (soy and corn and most omega-6 fatty acids). Yes, eat butter not margarine. Drink only whole milk, which is the way nature intended it to be consumed. Eat whole food in its most natural form. Fats and cholesterol are healthy and should not be left out of a healthy diet. Our diet has changed more in the last 60 years that it had in the previous 3 million years. Review my diet at


Review the video below:

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