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Drugs are Not the Answer.

It seems that every malfunction of the body, or anything that seems to be out of the norm, is now being classified as a disease with a drug ready to treat that disease or one soon developed to treat it.  Since our whole health care system is focused on drug therapy, it takes the focus off the real cause for many of our dysfunctions.  Our body is dependent for its good health on vitamins and minerals and many unknown factors that can only be supplied through our food based on a healthy, nutritious diet.  All of our metabolic diseases have been cured only by a vitamin or mineral and not a drug.  It’s  apparent that very few Americans understand that our daily food supply is what fuels our body for good health.  As gas is the fuel for a car, we would never think of adding sand or sugar to our gas as we fill our tank.  But when we fill our human tank with fast food, junk food, foods that are stripped of its nutrients to satisfy the manufacturers desire to improve shelf life and stability, and sugar replacing many of our good, healthy foods, our body will certainly begin to break down as our engine would break down from poor quality gas.  The big Pharma companies enjoying huge profits today have no reason to promote nutrition.  Our diet today is comprised of 70% refined and processed carbohydrates, approximately 250 pounds of sugar per year per individual, and about 60 gallons of soft drinks per person.  When the body breaks down from this onslaught of junk, the prescription is drug therapy.  The average American is on six medications.  I am absolutely convinced this is only due to the drastic change in diet from the early 1900s when cancer was 1 out of 25 individuals and heart disease was practically unknown compared to today when heart disease is the number 1 killer, and cancer will strike 1 out of 3 individuals in their lifetime.  Two major changes in our understanding the value of food has occurred from fast food advertising on TV and drug therapy advertised on TV.  In the 1900s, we consumed low quantities of carbohydrates, which fell in the category of low Glycemic Index carbs, and had a minimal intake of refined sugar.  The emphasis at that time was on protein, fats, fruits, and vegetables without a presence of fast food junk available.  The only cure for America’s health crisis is a diet with sufficient proteins, healthy fats and low carbohydrate intake which basically would come from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries.  You can refer to my diet at


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