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Drug advertising is allowed by the FDA while alcohol and tobacco can no longer be advertised on TV.

It’s amazing how every hang nail or burp is viewed by the medical experts as a disease.  Drug companies are looking for any opportunity to manufacture a drug for a simple condition that can occur occasionally due to the environment or to aging.  Drug advertising has gotten to a point that it is no longer informative and the ads use scare tactics to convince the American population into thinking they need the drug.  For example, the ad for the shingles vaccine uses a very dramatic scene where the spokesperson explains how painful the burning sensation on their body was as if a bag of flaming charcoal was laid on their skin.  And then, the ad goes on to say that if you ever had chicken pox, the virus is still in the body and could flare up into shingles.  Drug advertising is allowed by the FDA while alcohol and tobacco can no longer be advertised on TV.  Death from legally prescribed drugs, not from the disease, kills more people than the combined total use of alcohol and tobacco.  While drugs, in some conditions, can be life-saving, they now have become the answer for every minute disorder that occurs in many individuals.  The disorders are not a disease, but drug companies will find a way to treat it.  Drugs are not the answer.  Americans should learn how changing the diet can be more healing than drugs.  An example is that olive oil can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 70%.  Sesame seed oil can lower blood pressure more effectively than medication.  But do people want to take olive oil and sesame seed oil every day or just conveniently take their BP medication?  Olive oil and sesame seed oil can outperform any medication for these indications and they have no side effects.

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