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Cut out cholesterol or lower it and the brain suffers.

The literature currently available suggests that diets to treat Autism should be free of both gluten and casein. Removing these two food components from the diet show some efficacy and should be studied further. The diet should also be much higher in healthy fats to support brain function. The preferred fuel for the brain is fat. The brain is 2% of the total body weight but requires 25% of the cholesterol manufactured by the body. Cut out cholesterol or lower it and the brain suffers.  The fats to include in the diet are butter, cream, eggs, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and grass fed beef. Use no other oils from the vegetable family. Too many unhealthy and disease states have originated due to current medical advice of adopting a rich carbohydrate, low fat diet. In the early 1900’s we ate animal fats, vegetables,  little or no sugar, few carbs, no juice or soft drinks, and we had little heart disease or cancer. Today on the proposed 70% carb diet recommended by the USDA, we have epidemic levels of heart disease and cancer. For better health, reduce cabs to less than 60 grams per day and get the carbs from vegetables and berries. No grains, sugar, soft drinks or juice.

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