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Can foods really be our medicine?

Over 400 Years ago a French explorer, trapped in the St. Lawrence Seaway by an early winter, was not able to free his ships and get back to France.  The French sailors quickly became sick, their joints aching and swollen, their teeth rotting out of their mouths and in constant pain.  Many of the sailors died that winter without understanding the reason for their conditions.  A friendly Indian taught the captain of the ship that a tree (conifer) could heal their condition.  He taught them to take the bark of the tree along with the needles and make a tea.  Within several days the men began getting well.  After the tea was consumed by the sailors, not another sailor died because of the previous conditions.  They performed autopsies on several sailors and found the heart to turn white filled with fluid and mush.  The condition was known as scurvy.  By just drinking the tea, it gave them enough vitamin C and bioflavonoids to cure their scurvy.  Today, I believe we have a current form of scurvy that is not technically scurvy but is called cancer.  With the $20-30 billion dollars a year spent on cancer research, medical authorities admit they are no closer to finding a cure for cancer than the day Richard Nixon said we would find a cure for cancer in his lifetime.  Researchers around the world have found that plant life, fruits, vegetables, and berries can prevent and cure cancer and heart disease.  In America, very few people consume an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables daily.  These fruits and vegetables contain a bioflavonoid complex which currently numbers about 8,000.  They are collectively called polyphenols and anthocyanins and found primarily in berries and many fruits such as aronia, elderberry, black currant, black chokeberry, blueberry, and grape seed along with many spices such as clove, thyme, rosemary, and curcumin.  Eating locally grown foods emphasizing plant life, and fruits, vegetables and berries, with good quality animal proteins and fats, both animal and plant fats, will keep us healthy and may prevent heart disease and cancer.  It is a safer bet to implement this form of diet than wait to get sick and think drugs will cure the disease.


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