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Asthma and COPD are Curable

TV advertising for drugs to treat asthma and COPD state that these conditions are not curable.  They are incurable due to the medicines and drugs that doctors use to treat these diseases.  Scientific studies have proven that several herbs are effective in treating asthma and COPD so that in many cases, the study participants no longer were diagnosed with asthma or COPD.  In one case study, a young lady of 22 with severe asthma was treated with two oral medications and an inhaler for several years.  She not only experienced side effects of the drugs which did little for the asthma, and because of the inactivity, it caused this young lady to gain 80 pounds at 5’8”, weighing 220 pounds.  She was advised to take a special extract of boswellia enriched up to 10% of AKBA, the most active boswellic acid, and the beta-boswellic acid was filtered out to form a boswellia that was up to 20 times more effective than plain boswellia.  She was also advised to supplement with a combination of English ivy and thyme.  Her diet was changed from the typical teenagers’ diet of carbohydrates, sugar and soft drinks to the Paleo Diet which is high in healthy proteins, fats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries with no sugar or refined carbohydrates other than those carbohydrates found in the fruits and vegetables.  30 days after implementing this nutritional strategy, she was no longer taking her two oral medications nor was she using an inhaler.  Her nutritional strategy changed a year and a half ago to result in a loss of 80 pounds and no additional use of medication to treat her asthma.  She also enjoys power walking or jogging three miles every day.  And yet doctors still want to use medications for these conditions that state in the list of side effects that they may cause cancer or even death.  Drugs only have value when it’s an extreme emergency.  Drugs are not the answer for 90% of what plagues mankind.


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