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60% of Americans are on one or more prescription drugs daily.

This was a recent news report on the number of drugs taken by Americans.  Drug companies are taking extreme advantage of Americans by pushing their drugs for even minor conditions that probably would not warrant a drug prescription.  TV advertising of drugs absolutely drives me crazy when I see them.  They use well recognized personalities like sportscasters, former NFL quarterbacks, and TV celebrities to push their drugs.  There is no other country in the world that allows prescription drugs to be advertised on TV.  It’s like the Big Bang Theory comedy where Bernadette is employed by a drug company and so excited that they discovered a new drug.  Now, they just had to find a disease to treat so they can sell the drug. 

It’s gotten to a point where many common conditions like dry eyes, which is caused by a number of everyday activities such as aging, contact lenses, staring at computer screens, sun, wind, air conditioning and central heating.  They all tend to dry out our eyes.  But the advertisement for a drug that is now prescribed for dry eyes claims, in their advertising, that dry eyes is a disease and you should see your doctor for the drug to treat dry eyes.  Americans have come to think that drugs are the only cure for the diseases today.  A number of our diseases are only symptoms from the result of a vitamin, mineral or other accessory food factor deficiency associated with our diet. 

How did we survive for three million years before drugs were developed?  The amount of drugs and the drug industry do not have a long history compared to the lifespan of humans.  To be healthy, our bodies only require a healthy diet comprised of all the vitamins and nutrients.  When we are deficient in one or more nutrient, we will have certain symptoms as the result of the deficiencies.  These symptoms are now called diseases and drugs are manufactured to eliminate the symptoms and not the cause.  The cause of all of our illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer are all due to a nutrient deficiency in our diet and other negative lifestyle choices.  I’m not totally against drugs.  I’m against drugs prescribed for every minor and insignificant condition.  We are over-medicated thinking that drugs are the only answer to health.  Drugs can save lives in an emergency or due to injuries or accidents.  The use of drugs have skyrocketed in the last three decades including the cost of drugs. The health of Americans is being flushed down the toilet by drug companies due to greed and the almighty dollar.

80 to 90% all our diseases is caused by oxidative stress and inflammation as well as our lifestyle choices.  The inflammation is caused by the American diet based on excessive carbohydrates, sugar, and excessive omega 6 fatty acids from refined and processed vegetable oils and stress.  We can make significant changes in the inflammatory process by improving our lifestyle choices, including a change of diet to avoid the inflammatory foods.  We can also support our health with natural anti-inflammatory foods such as curcumin and grape seed extract.  From my research, I found curcumin and grape seed extract to be two of the most powerful antioxidants possessing anti-inflammatory activity.  You might even have witnessed the TV ads where Humira is advertised to reduce inflammation found in arthritis and psoriasis.  Research at several universities in the U.S. have found curcumin to be more effective than 14 prescription drugs including Humira and without the side effects.  However, the FDA has created regulations that only a drug can cure a disease and no vitamin, herb or food can cure a disease.  I’m 100% convinced that food, herbs and supplements can cure more effectively than drugs.  I recommend to be cautious when taking drugs that you will always have consequences due to side effects.  For example, Tylenol seems like such an innocent over-the-counter preparation and doesn’t require a prescription, but it is the number one cause of liver failure in the U.S. 



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