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We all suffer from information overload. It's hard to know who to trust. In this blog, I offer my take on news about health and nutrition. I ask questions, challenge the status quo, and offer you something to think about every week.

November 2022

Everything You Need to Know: Medicinal olive oil – What is it?

22 November
From what I have researched on olive oil over the last several years, I have come to believe that olive oil would really qualify as the “super-superfood”.— Terry Lemerond Dr. Limor Goren is the founder of kyoord. She is a…
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October 2022

What are polyphenols and why do we need them every day?

21 October
We need a high level of polyphenols every day.  It almost sounds like something you might fill your car gas tank with. But, let me assure you that when you learn about these very special compounds that are found in…
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August 2022

Here are Plenty of Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Olive Oil as Their Main Source of Fat!

17 August
The Mediterranean countries, because of their diets, have much better health than most anywhere else in the world. It is certainly not a study, but we have to assume that because of their diets, it has a huge impact on…
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July 2022

Stop the Damaging Effects!

13 July
Inflammation is NOT the cause of all of our diseases as so many authors, writers, and articles try to convince us of. Inflammation is like the firemen at the fire.  They are there to put the fire out. But, they…
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May 2022

Fats are not the enemy; sugar is the enemy that may be causing your disease!

4 May
For decades we have been misinformed and mislead regarding the harmful effects of cholesterol, saturated fats, and fats in general. If we look back, at the health and fitness of most Americans, 50-70 years ago we will see slim, fit…
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March 2022

There Is Truly No Such Disease as Diabetes Type II

16 March
Have you been diagnosed as a Diabetic Type II? Has your doctor prescribed medication for you to control your blood sugar level? There is truly no such thing as Diabetes Type II.  I don’t believe your doctor is lying to…
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February 2022

Are you concerned about your cholesterol levels? Do you avoid eating fats and cholesterol, especially meat? - Part 2

16 February
Are you taking statin drugs to protect your heart?  Well, just maybe statin drugs are prescribed because they are a cash cow for the drug companies! Not one of these trials shows the slightest evidence that men who ate low…
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January 2022

Is Cholesterol the Super Villain? - Part 1

3 January
Should we be worried about our cholesterol levels? Is cholesterol good or bad for our health? We have been told and severely misled regarding the nutritional value of fats overall and the health benefits of cholesterol. I believe that cholesterol…
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October 2021

What Do We Know About Vitamin A?

24 October
First of all, it’s a very effective infection fighter and a key nutrient to maintain a healthy immune system. Seems right in line with what we need today with so many people facing the challenge of COVID-19 and the various…
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September 2021

So much emphasis is placed on Vitamin D-3, vitamin C and zinc to combat COVID-19, and so little on the mineral selenium.

21 September
I believe selenium is the real hero to reduce the severity of the infection, inflammation and death.  Read My Recent Blog! Selenium is a natural mineral found in the earth’s crust. It is more scarce than gold but it could…
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August 2021

Are you expecting a cure for cancer to wipe away this terrible disease?

24 August
Why haven't the top cancer research institutions been able to find a cure? There have been billions of dollars spent in the last several decades searching for an effective treatment for cancer.  Today, we are no closer to finding a…
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July 2021

Do you have a fear of eating fats?

28 July
You probably have heard, like I have, oh, if I eat fats, it could possibly cause a heart attack or a stroke. Eating fats? Are you kidding?  I am overly fat now.  I don’t want to gain more fat. My…
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June 2021

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Would you like to be free of pain? Would you like to be cancer free?

23 June
Inflammation and oxidative stress are responsible for the cause of 98% of all diseases including heart disease, any type of pain, Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, weight gain, arthritis, both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. The main cause…
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May 2021

The health crises of America affects over 90% of Americans today.

28 May
Most Americans are excessively over weight, overly fat, and close to 50% of Americans are obese. 42% of white Americans are obese, while 44% of Hispanics and 48% of black Americans are obese, more than two-thirds of adults in the…
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April 2021

Yes - some calories are healthier than others!

29 April
Spoiler alert: calories from healthy fats are better for you. Many people know I am a proponent of the ketogenic diet, which consists of eating mostly low carbohydrate and high fat foods. I eat this way because I truly believe…
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March 2021

I’ve been asked by a countless number of people whether or not I would get a vaccine.

22 March

Because of the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus and the effect that it has on the country, regarding the number of positive cases, deaths, lockdowns, and loss of employment, the government and the FDA are trying to meet this crisis...

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February 2021

The Real Pandemic!

15 February
Overly Fat and Unhealthy — Part 2 Refer to Part 1 of my blog of being overly fat or downright obese and the consequences of being unhealthy. Being overly fat or obese does not just suggest we are out of…
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January 2021

Wouldn’t it be a Medical Miracle?

27 January

Wouldn’t it be a medical miracle for all of us if scientists were able to find a drug or medicine that could cure or prevent most or all our diseases such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, inflammation, and even cancer?

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Overly Fat and Unhealthy?

8 January

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a national crisis in the news and probably will be for the next year or so. But, there is a more damaging pandemic that needs to be addressed to prevent an even greater health crisis than the one we are now struggling with. The health of America does not look bright for the future. The pandemic that is the real issue is the overly fat American pandemic.

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November 2020

A Healthy Body is the Best Way to Stay Healthy!

9 November

Over the last several months, we have been told by medical experts known as virologists, on how to protect ourselves from contracting COVID-19, a very serious viral infection that could lead to death. However, as time goes by, the information disseminated by these experts continues to change to the point that you may not know who to believe or trust.

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