Study Spotlight

Study Spotlight

Fat and Omega-3 Have Modest Effects on Urinary Sex

Total dietary fat and omega-3 fatty acids have modest efects on urinary sex. In a controlled, crossover, feeding trial involving 16 postmenopausal women using 3 test diets—high-fat (40% of energy from fat), low-fat (20% of energy from fat), and low-fat/high-omega-3 diet (23% of energy from fat; 3% omega-3 fatty acids) for 8 week periods, urinary sex hormone metabolism was modestly altered in post-menopausal women by a low-fat dietary intervention. Specifically, in the low-fat and the low-fat/omega-3 diets, urinary excretion of estrone was greater than after the high-fat diet, and estrone secretion was increased from baseline within the low-fat diet only, and the total estrone + estradiol + estriol + estriol increased from baseline with the low-fat diet and not the other 2 diets.

These results suggest that adhering to a low-fat diet may modestly alter urinary sex hormone metabolism in postmenopausal women.

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