I’m sure there are many people freaked out because of the possible epidemic of measles.

Measles are caused by a virus.  A healthy body has the equipment to destroy the virus before it becomes active in the body.  It’s crazy to alarm people to be vaccinated in prevention of measles.  The prevention of measles is found in a healthy diet and, therefore, a healthy body.  70 to 90% of all Americans suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies that will not support the immune system when we have a viral outbreak.  With America being considered a super power, we don’t even know how to fight the measles virus. With drugs and vaccines, disease is not prevented and health is not assured.  Diet is the answer to good health or bad health.  When bad health is present, we are opening up ourselves for an onslaught of viral attacks.  Strengthening the immune system to prevent infectious disease is like strengthening a country against missile attacks.