Drugs are not the answer.

There is no way that anyone is deficient in medication. Medication, drugs, were never meant to keep us healthy. Drugs were intended to be used in an emergency or crisis, but doctors are prescribing medication for every disease which the drug companies like to label them. They truly are not diseases. They are disorders brought on by a deficiency of nutrients, poor diet, and poor lifestyle choices. So to speak, we burn the candle at both ends, burn ourselves out, and then look for a drug for the answer.

 The answer to good health is a proper healthy diet of good animal proteins high in fats, both saturated and monounsaturated, low in unrefined and unprocessed carbohydrates, and no sugar, moderate exercise, and 8-10 hours of sleep a night. When we digress from nature, we have a disturbance or disorder of our metabolic function. These disorders are classified by drug companies as diseases which then makes them treatable by drugs. Don’t just, in blind faith, accept a drug. With a little homework and questioning, you could find an alternative method without side effects that are often found with drugs.