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Terry's radio shows are a real opportunity to EXPAND YOUR HEALTH KNOWLEDGE

Terry shares the latest health and nutrition news every Saturday morning. You'll discover the best paths to good health with natural ingredients that outperform synthetic drugs—without the side effects! Listen live each Saturday or download previously recorded shows to listen and enjoy at your convenience from our archive list below.

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Stop Fatty Liver

Fatty liver simply means fat deposits in the liver. Today, the overall rate of fatty liver disease is about 20% of the population. Overall,…

The Easy Way to a Healthy Heart

February is the month to pay extra attention to your heart. Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death in the US. So what can you do?

Allergic to Dairy?

Of the non-dairy milk choices like almond milk or soy milk, which one is best?

Brain Cancer

What makes boswellia so good for so much? Boswellia stops the 5-LOX inflammation pathway.

Relieving Knee Pain

Almost 20% of all cases of chronic pain are associated with the knees. New research shows that women with painful, arthritic knees are twice…

Hearing Loss Prevention

Researchers found that people with iron deficiency anemia were three times more likely to have hearing loss than the general population.

Is fish OIL a better choice than fish?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have issued new recommendations on eating fish for pregnant…

Dry Eye – Stinging, Burning and Scratching

Two main reasons for dry eyes: Not enough tears and Poor quality tears. Restore Moisture to Your Eyes with a unique ingredient.

Stop Colds, Flu and Shingles

You should know: antibiotics DO NOTHING to stop viruses. However, several natural medicines have powerful effects against viruses.

Treat Heartburn and Indigestion without Acid Blockers

Fun facts on acid blockers: Women taking acid blockers are 25% more likely to break a bone; Use of acid blockers leads to a 30% increased risk…

Beautiful Skin at Any Age

What Happens to Aging Skin? Skin cells are replaced more slowly, Skin layer begins to thin, Collagen and elastin decrease, Moisture is lost,…

Superfoods You Should Know About

Superfoods are nutrient dense foods high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are especially good for your health. Here are some superfoods…

Grape Seed Extract

Why is grape seed so useful for so many different diseases? New research finds that OPCs from grape seed work on the cellular level to help…

Canker Sores

What do you recommend for canker sores. I get them on the insides of my mouth and they really hurt.

America’s Obesity Problem

70% of American adults are overweight or obese, including 3 out of 4 men. A boost for weight loss - fiber. A 2015 study found that getting more…

Kill Colds with Zinc

Zinc acts directly to kill pathogens. Zinc has also been shown to reduce coughing associated with a cold from 5 days in duration to 2.

Resolutions and Goal Setting

Almost half of all Americans will make a resolution to change or improve their life on January 1. By February 1, half the people who made a…

The Gifts of Christmas!

Feelings of inner peace and harmony reduced risk of death by 20% in a study of people with advanced heart disease. Listen to learn about the…

Curcumin and Cancer

Why the interest in curcumin as a cancer treatment? Because Curcumin stops Cancer cell formation, Cancer cell growth and Cancer cell spread.
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