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Terry's radio shows are a real opportunity to EXPAND YOUR HEALTH KNOWLEDGE

Terry shares the latest health and nutrition news every Saturday morning. You'll discover the best paths to good health with natural ingredients that outperform synthetic drugs—without the side effects! Listen live each Saturday or download previously recorded shows to listen and enjoy at your convenience from our archive list below.

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Choosing a Daily Multiple,
Ginger Oil for Nausea and More,
Olive Oil is Good for the Brain,
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Recorded Radio Show Archive

Shingles – what is it?

Shingles is more common with age:–people over 60 are 10 times more likely to experience an outbreak than young people–50% of Americans…

Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is unique in that it is the only plant source of an omega-5 fatty acid called punicic acid. Pomegranate is especially useful for…

Pet Health

According to the best data we have, 1 in 4 dogs will get cancer, Half of all dogs over age 10 will die with or from cancer, and Over 60% of…

Reduce Blood Sugar with Hintonia

Less Sugar = More Diabetes Risk??? Researchers are finding that replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners INCREASES the risk of diabetes.


Close to 30% of Americans experience an anxiety problem at some point in their lives.

French Grape Seed Extract for Diabetes and More

Grape Seed Extract reduces blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes: in healthy volunteers, peak blood sugar levels were almost 20% lower after…

Gout Treatment

90% of the tart cherries in the United States are grown in Michigan (followed by Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin). Research has shown that daily…

Omega-3 from Salmon Head

Aside from multivitamin/mineral products, the number one most popular natural product in the US is fish oil. The better choice is phospholipid…

Get Digestive Relief

Get Digestive Relief (and more) with Probiotics: Probiotics are helpful bacteria, Probiotics are alive, Probiotics are normal residents of the…

Caffeine for Pain Relief

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. Caffeine is also a pain reliever. It blocks pain receptors in the nervous system, and therefore…

Ligament and Tendon Injuries

Tendon injuries are not limited to athletes and clumsy people. Rheumatoid arthritis weakens tendons and makes them more likely to tear. Most…

Curcumin—for cancer

There is almost no condition, including cancer, that cannot benefit from curcumin!

Adrenal Burnout

Late night TV shows would have you believe cortisol is a poison, responsible for your weight gain and health problems: the body needs the right…

Curcumin and Its Uses

Curcumin, the All In One Solution! On this show—we will take a look at curcumin, what it is and how it works, and some of the many uses…

Bone health is not just a talk about calcium

Everyone KNOWS calcium is best for bones, right? The countries with the lowest calcium intake have the lowest rate of osteoporosis. Calcium…

Low Thyroid

Too much, or too little? According to the American Thyroid Association, 60% of women have an undetected thyroid problem at some point in their…

Headache Relief

Up to 80% of people suffer from tension headaches! Did you know? Frequent use of OTC pain relievers—especially ibuprofen (Advil)—can…


60-70% of people with diabetes have some sort of nerve damage. What is important? Keeping blood sugar levels down can prevent nerve damage.

Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer rates have increased 20% in the last five years. Researchers estimate that if women with minor gene variations (NOT the BRCA gene)…

DIM and Cancer Prevention

DIM is ideal for relieving PMS and other symptoms of estrogen dominance, as well as protecting against breast cancer.
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