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What is CoQ10 [coenzyme Q10]?

Statin drug use, Heart disease, Aging and Diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, migraine headaches are all conditions associated with reduced CoQ10 levels.

Cold and Flu Stopper? Elderberry

Did you know? The influenza virus can survive as long as 48 hours on stainless steel or hard plastic; survival on cloth, paper, or tissues is about 8-10 hours. And you should know that antibiotics DO NOTHING to stop cold…

3 Signs Your Thyroid Needs a Boost

Symptoms of low thyroid function may come on slowly, over the course of years. You might even not notice and think you are just “getting older”!

How do you know you need B vitamins?

Some warning signs of B vitamin deficiency are: Weakness and fatigue Anemia Depression Trouble concentrating Confusion and memory loss Numbness and tingling Skin issues

What makes a strong immune system?

The immune system requires a number of nutrients to keep it running. Active infection increases the demand for these nutrients even further, and deficiency can increase risk of infectious disease. So what are the Most Important Nutrients for the Immune…

What really causes acne…

Learn about Nutrients to Prevent and Reduce Acne and Other Steps to Minimizing Acne!

Adaptogens for Optimal Health

Adaptogens help keep all your body systems in balance and running smoothly – especially during times of stress!

Key Vitamins for Healthy Arteries and Heart

Your diseased arteries mean a 10 times increased risk of health problems such as stroke or heart attack, and a 22% increased risk of death!

Men: don’t ignore a weak urine flow

Why are some prostate cancers harmless and others so aggressive?

3 Step Plan for Fixing Arthritic Joints

Inflammation of the synovium is the first step in the development of arthritis – it happens even before any visible cartilage degeneration occurs!

What You Probably Don't Know About Melatonin…

More than Sleep: Melatonin Has MANY Functions!

What causes stress for your dog?

Just like in humans, cortisol levels increase when a dog experiences stress. Here are ways to relieve anxiety in dogs!

Stopping gut inflammation

Inflammatory gut issues are much more common then previously realized. Looking forward, rates of inflammatory bowel diseases are expected to increase another 25% by 2025.

Quercetin: The Anti-Allergy Answer

Quercetin has been shown to inhibit histamine release by up to 97%!!!

How to Relieve Your Pain

Fast Pain Relief from Curcumin and Boswellia with Black Sesame Oil!

Finding Quality Ginseng is a Challenge

Researchers in China tested 80 ginseng samples collected from different places for pesticide residue: 246 different pesticides were detected.

Boswellia does what NSAIDS Can’t

Boswellia is a Unique Anti-inflammatory!!

Relieve Your Heartburn and Acid Indigestion!

Heartburn – also called acid reflux – occurs when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus. Antacids and anti-gas medications to treat heartburn/acid indigestion are the third most commonly sold category of OTC products. Don’t stop heartburn by stopping stomach…

Do you suffer from digestive problems?

Get Digestion back on track!

Rejuvenate with Ashwagandha

The medicinal benefits of ashwagandha are associated with its biologically active compounds: the withanolides.
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