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Terry's radio shows are a real opportunity to EXPAND YOUR HEALTH KNOWLEDGE

Terry shares the latest health and nutrition news every Saturday morning. You'll discover the best paths to good health with natural ingredients that outperform synthetic drugs—without the side effects! Listen live each Saturday or download previously recorded shows to listen and enjoy at your convenience from our archive list below.

Upcoming Topics:

Omega-3, Phospholipids, and Peptides,
Global Antibiotic Use is Soaring,
Acetaminophen Use and Autism,
5.7 million Alzheimer’s Patients.

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Recorded Radio Show Archive

Stop Heart Disease with Olive Polyphenols

Once considered “waste” after harvesting olive fruits, olive leaves are now known to have as powerful effects for health as the…

Hemp for pain relief and more…

One of the most in-demand ingredients of 2018, consumers are flocking to buy hemp oil.

The Multipurpose Wonder Plant

Sea Buckthorn is Special: it has over 200 beneficial compounds. How does it work?–Neutralizes cancer-causing free radicals–Anti-inflammatory–Immune…

Curcumin for Pain

Americans have a lot of pain! Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, cancer, and heart disease COMBINED! 1/3 of Americans live with…

Overactive bladder?

Gotta go, NOW? You have worn a path to the bathroom? You get out of bed 2 or more times a night to urinate? Here is a Solution for Bladder Problems…

Curcumin for Cancer

There is almost no condition, including cancer, that cannot benefit from curcumin! Curcumin is anti-cancer. Curcumin activates the body’s…

Boswellia for Better Breathing

Boswellia opens airways, reduces bronchial and sinus swelling, and is a specific inhibitor of the 5-LOX enzyme. 70% of asthma patients treated…

The Cure for Diabetes: Hintonia latiflora

Death by Diabetes: New study finds that nearly 4 times as many Americans die from diabetes as previously thought.

The Big “D”: Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible. How? One way is extreme weight loss. Another way to roll back prediabetes? One more suggestion?

Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States – even more common than depression. No wonder that the anti-anxiety drug…

Depression and Heart Disease

Depression is bad for your heart. Previous research has found that people with depression develop heart disease at a higher rate than the general…

The Universal Remedy: Black Seed

Also known as black cumin, it has been prescribed in ancient Egypt, Greece and Turkey as a tonic and cure for virtually everything.

Arthritis Pain

About 15% of people with arthritis take a supplement to help reduce joint pain.


A new research summary on sea buckthorn was recently published. Some of the conditions reviewed in this new paper that benefited from treatment…


FIBROMYALGIA: The achy, crampy, itchy, twitchy, hurt all over, hurt all the time, so you can't rest, syndrome that no one understands.

Stop Joint Pain

About 15% of people with arthritis take a supplement to help reduce their joint pain. Most commonly purchased? glucosamine plus chondroitin!…

Stop Fatty Liver

Fatty liver simply means fat deposits in the liver. Today, the overall rate of fatty liver disease is about 20% of the population. Overall,…

The diseased artery

Your diseased arteries mean a 10 times increased risk of health problems such as stroke or heart attack, and a 22% increased risk of death.

Brain Cancer

What makes boswellia so good for so much? Boswellia stops the 5-LOX inflammation pathway.

Grape Seed Extract and Cancer

The researchers found that grape seed inhibited a pathway in the body called HIPPO-Yap that leads to cancer cell formation.
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