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NEW Podcast Series - The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show! 

One has over 50 years’ experience in the field of health and nutrition, the other is a medical doctor with a passion for holistic health.

What happens when they sit down to discuss today’s health climate from each of their viewpoints? Vibrant health ideas!

Join us as we discuss informative health news you can use.

Also, find bite-sized audio snippets of health advice straight from Terry Lemerond. Each of these podcast is less than five-minutes long and easy to download. Getting health guidance couldn't be quicker.

Click the following links to listen or download.


Podcast Archive

The Terry and Dr Lynn Show - Colon Cancer

Tune in as Terry and Dr. Lynn discuss colon cancer preventative measures.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - COQ10

COQ10 what is it? Why would you use it? Learn more as Terry & Dr. Lynn discuss this botanical.

The Terry and Dr Lynn Show - Grape Seed Extract

Hear about Grape Seed Extract, what it supports, and the studies behind this botanical.

The Terry and Dr Lynn Show - Comfrey Cream

What do you know about Comfrey Cream? Listen to what Terry and Dr Lynn have to say.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Echinacea angustifolia and Melatonin

Listen in to Terry & Dr Lynn as they discuss Echinacea angustifolia and Melatonin.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Andrographis, Curcumin & Grape Seed Extract

Tune in as Dr. Lynn & Terry discuss the herbal extracts, Andrographis, Curcumin & Grape Seed Extract

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Alternative Healers

What’s your experience with natural healers? In this episode, Dr. Lynn and Terry discuss their own personal health journeys that lead them to a variety of alternative healers, including chiropractors, acupuncturists, reiki practitioners, and more. Learn how Dr. Lynn learned…

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show – Inflammation

Inflammation, we've all dealt with it. What are Terry and Dr. Lynn's thoughts on this topic?

Terry and Dr. Lynn - DHEA

With a sidebar beginning on Dr. Lynn and Terry’s insights on healthy eating, DHEA becomes their focus in this discussion. Find out why DHEA is an important hormone you should know about and get tested for, especially as you age!…

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Holiday Tips

Don't miss the tips Terry & Dr. Lynn have to get you through the holidays.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Hormones

It’s an exciting topic — hormones. Dr. Lynn and Terry dive in to let people know how to make your body healthier and have a balanced hormone approach. Learn how this complex system is like a symphony and how you…

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - COVID

COVID! Everyone’s talking about it. What do Dr. Lynn and Terry think? What has been their biggest frustration regarding COVID? Find out what they think is the elephant in the room when it comes to COVIDprevention and treatment.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Financials

What does financial wellness have to do with your physical health? Join Terry and Dr. Lynn as they both share their approaches to financial health as it relates to overall well-being. Plus, learn some practical tips on how to improve…

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show – Stress

Stress. Everyone has it. Sometimes good, often debilitating, Terry and Dr. Lynn talk about the opposite of stress—resiliency. Get their tips on how you can handle the stress in your life.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Sleep Health

Terry and Dr. Lynn talk about the importance of sleep on multiple health levels, how much sleep we should get, and what you can do if sleep eludes you.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show – Goal Setting

Is goal setting for everyone at every age? How can goal setting change your life? Dr. Lynn and Terry share their goal setting life lessons, and how it changed their future.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show – Exercise

Terry and Dr. Lynn didn’t start out loving exercise as kids, but that has changed. Learn their thoughts on exercise and how to incorporate it into your life.

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Diets

Are we what we eat? What personal diets do Terry and Dr. Lynn follow? What do they recommend for you? Find out now!

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Mental Health

2020 and beyond has affected everyone’s mental health. What are some practical ways to combat all this stress?

The Terry and Dr. Lynn Show - Immune Health

Dr. Lynn invites us to a greater understanding of the immune system and how it works, while Terry has great advice on keeping your immune system in tip-top shape.

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