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Q. Dear Terry, “A few times a week I have trouble falling asleep. It’s usually after a stressful day, when my mind is racing when I try to lay down. I recently started meditating at night, which seems to help. I don’t want to try any sleep medications because I’ve heard they can have awful side effects. What other natural things could I do to help me fall asleep?” – Gloria N., Norman, OK

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Q. Dear Terry, “At my last doctor’s visit, my cholesterol levels were abnormal. My HDL was low and my LDL and triglycerides were both high. I would like to try something natural before a prescription. What would be some healthy suggestions for lowering my cholesterol?” – Kris M., Mount Vernon, NY

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Q. Dear Terry, “I feel like my physical and emotional health are slightly declining. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed, I just don’t feel like I can cope with stress the way I used to. I feel a bit run down and want to find a natural fix. Where would be a good place to start?”– Mara K., San Francisco, CA

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Did You Know?

The Winter Months are Just a Short Way Off

With the cold, wet weather we tend to have more colds and flu. During this time, I keep a couple of natural ingredients handy just to be on the safe side. One of my favorites is propolis. 

Propolis is a resin or sap collected by… Read more >>

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Amazing New Insight Into Bone/Joint Health
Prescription arthritis medications are one of the top sellers in this country annually. Dr. Peter Glidden explains how those medications work and why they may … Watch the video >>
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What Does The Science Say!!

Blueberries and Arthritis Relief
Boswellia and Bromelain are a Powerful Duo for Osteoarthritis
Saffron Addresses ADHD

Love Much

Did you know that forgiveness opens the door for love to operate in your life? In this Scripture passage, Jesus was at a Pharisee’s house when “a certain immoral woman” came in and poured a jar of expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet and began to wash them with her tears and her hair. The religious leaders were shocked that Jesus would allow this “sinner” to touch Him. But she knew she was forgiven. When she received Christ’s forgiveness, love was the automatic response. She was forgiven of much, and she loved and longed to please Him.

Do you want more love in your life? Do you want to feel more of God’s love and have stronger relationships with the people around you? Open your heart to forgiveness. Receive Christ’s forgiveness and extend it to others. When you are forgiven much, you will love much. As Christ’s love flows through you, your faith will be strengthened, your hope will be renewed, and you will be empowered to live the abundant life He has in store for you!

"Father, Thank You for loving me. Thank You for Your forgiveness which opens the door for Your love to flow through me. Show me Your love and help me to be a light and example of love everywhere I go in Jesus’ name. Amen."

"Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little."
(Luke 7:47, AMP)

"As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time."
— Denis Waitley: American motivational speaker and writer

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