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The Danger of CoQ10 Deficiency

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Q. Dear Terry, “I would like to know what you think is the best detox to cleanse the liver?”– Shirley W., Asheboro, NC

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Q. Dear Terry, “My husband won’t eat many fruits or vegetables. I’ve tried cooking them different ways and putting them in smoothies, but he’s so stubborn. He will at least take a multivitamin every day. Is there anything else he should be taking?” – Claire M., Phoenix, AZ

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Q. Dear Terry, “What can I do for bursitis in my hip?” – Kathleen K., Columbia, MO

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Did You Know?

Think Twice about Sleep Medications

More than 1/3 of adults over age 65 take prescription or over-the-counter sleep medications.

However, research shows that people who take sleep medications like Ambien and Lunesta fall asleep only 8 minutes faster than people taking a placebo!

AND, these drugs can lead to Double the risk of… Read more >>

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Simple Tips for Healthy Eating
Watch as Terry and special guest, Dr. Lynn Wagner discuss healthy eating habits.  Read more >>
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——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

Positioned for Increase

For forty years in the wilderness, the Israelites depended upon God’s supernatural provision of manna for their survival every day. But they didn’t realize the manna was only a temporary provision. They were satisfied with something to eat, but God wasn’t satisfied. He was taking them into a land flowing with milk and honey, with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and resources. So, when they ate their first produce from the Promised Land, the manna ceased. I can hear them crying out, “God, what’s happening?” But God was saying, “From now on, I’m bringing you into abundance.”

When something ceases in your life—a friend walks away or a job ends—it’s not the time to get discouraged. God never removes something unless He has something better coming. If He didn’t stop certain things, we would never get out of our comfort zone. It’s time to get ready, because increase is coming, greater provision is on the way, and God is about to take you where you can’t go on your own.

——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

“Father, thank You for all the ways You provide for me every day. Thank You that when one of those provisions ceases, You are getting me in a position to increase me. I believe that You are stretching me and getting me out of my comfort zone to bring me into greater favor. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."

——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

Then the manna ceased on the day after they had eaten the produce of the land; and the children of Israel no longer had manna, but they ate the food of the land of Canaan that year.
(Joshua 5:12, NKJV)

"Give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation."
— Brian Tracy

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