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March 30 • 2018
The Amazing Herbal Way to Reverse or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

It’s true. Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are an epidemic.  But here’s something to think about: is it a preventable epidemic? I believe it is.  There’s an amazing herbal discovery that lowers A1C levels and can prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes. And it’s been clinically studied in Europe for over 60 years. Don’t settle for poor health and become a statistic. Here’s what you can do to change your present and your future.



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Q. Dear Terry, “I have to give a presentation next week and public speaking is one of my biggest fears. I don’t want to take a prescription because they make me feel strange. Are there natural options I can try?” — Moses T., Livonia, MI

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Dear Terry, “I want to do a cleanse, but I don’t know which one is best for me. What are your thoughts about cleansing?” — Victor U., New York, NY

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Dear Terry, “I’ve been trying to get back in shape by working on my diet and exercising more.  I have about 15 – 20 more pounds I want to lose, any suggestions?” — Tess B., Akron, OH

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.
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Research Finds Vitamin D Deficiency is Linked with Fatigue and Symptom Severity in Patients with Fibromyalgia

Research presented at the European League Against Rheumatism Annual European Congress of Rheumatology found that vitamin D deficiency was linked to fatigue and symptom severity in patients with fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, sleep, memory and mood disturbances. The onset of fibromyalgia often occurs after physical trauma, surgery, infection or severe psychological stress. However, symptoms can gradually develop over time without a triggering event.  Prior studies have shown a high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among patients with fibromyalgia.

In the study, researchers wanted to determine the relationship between vitamin D blood levels and fibromyalgia. They compared symptom severity between three different patient groups: patients with fibromyalgia and vitamin D sufficiency, patients with fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency, and patients with vitamin D deficiency. All patients enrolled into the study were women.  Researchers assessed the severity of fibromyalgia and its symptoms using the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index (BASFI), Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ), Widespread Pain Index (WPI) and Symptom Severity Score (SSS). A high BASFI score indicates a high degree of functional limitation. The HAQ assesses disability with a high score indicating increased disability. 

The researchers found that fatigue was significantly higher among patients with both fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency than in the other two groups. Additionally, BASFI and HAQ scores were higher in patients with fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency. WPI and SSS scores were only marginally higher in patients with fibromyalgia and vitamin D deficiency compared to patients with fibromyalgia.


TODAY'S WORD From Joel and Victoria

He Satisfies You

Are you expecting to have a supernatural year? Are you expecting increase and abundance? Notice this verse tells us that the righteous, those who follow God's commands, will be satisfied even in times of famine. Even when it looks like resources are slim, God has a plan to provide for His people. The Scripture also tells us that God is looking for people who will be faithful to Him; people who will trust Him, people who will believe that He is the God of more than enough!

God always shows Himself strong on behalf of the people who seek Him first -- even during the most difficult times. No matter what you may be facing today, God wants to show Himself strong for you. He wants to make a way where there seems to be no way. He wants to satisfy you and bless you abundantly so that you can reach out and be a blessing to the people around you. Take a step of faith today and begin to declare His promises over your life. Declare that He is the One who satisfies you all the days of your life.

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