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February 23 • 2018
Stronger Arteries, Healthier Heart, Longer Life

If you worry about high blood pressure, stroke, clogged arteries, or other cardio concerns, you can rest easy. There are three must-have nutrients that can make all the difference – without the side effects of calcium channel blockers or other drugs. They strengthen blood vessels and arteries, increase their natural flexibility, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and keep calcium where it belongs.

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Q. Dear Terry, “I recently started experiencing some urinary leakage during exercise. I am in my 60s and otherwise healthy. Any suggestions?” — Bethany P., Appleton, WI

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Dear Terry, “I was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes. What can I do to prevent diabetes?” — Troy K., Gillette, WY

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Hello Terry, “My sixteen-year old daughter is struggling with body acne. She’s tried medicated washes, creams, lotions, and it just seems to be getting worse. Before trying a prescription, is there anything natural she can take?” — Sam K., Ottawa, Canada

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.
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Gas, Indigestion and Bloating

Eating on the run, fast food restaurants, and the typical American diet can often cause gas, bloating and indigestion.  It’s easy to solve these issues by taking extra enzymes that digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  These enzymes will improve digestion and gall bladder function. The enzymes are protease, amylase and lipase.  Take 250 to 500 mgs with each meal for better digestion. 

Enzymes can also reduce pain and inflammation, and improve circulation.  To reduce pain of a sprain, strain or arthritis, take pancreatic enzymes on an empty stomach.  These enzymes are normally secreted by the pancreas.  In some cases the pancreas does not function sufficiently to secrete these enzymes or may be reduced for some unknown reason.


TODAY'S WORD From Joel and Victoria

Arise Shine

I believe that God wants to exceed your expectations! He has amazing things stored up for you. He’ll take you places that you’ve never dreamed and give you breaks that seemed impossible. His glory is rising upon His people. Things are going to fall into place so that you can accomplish what God has placed in your heart. Even the hidden dreams that you’ve given up on, God has not given up on. He is going to do exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond all you could ask, think or imagine!

Your mind may try to talk you out of it, but if you’ll listen with your heart, it will resonate on the inside of you. Don’t let discouragement hold you back or keep you down. It’s time for you to arise. It’s time for you to shine. Let that sink down into your spirit today because it’s time for you to receive every spiritual blessing and move forward in the destiny He has prepared for you!

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“Heavenly Father, I come to You today with an open and humble heart. Thank You for choosing me and preparing a bright future for me. I will arise and shine. Let everything I do bring honor to You in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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