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Q. Dear Terry, “I have been dealing with low thyroid issues for many years. I am under a doctor’s care and take a prescription medication. I would like to naturally support my thyroid as well. What would be some good things to do or take?”– Heidi M., Madison, WI

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Q. Dear Terry, “I have interstitial cystitis that can be really bothersome. I’ve found some foods and other triggers that cause my symptoms to flare. I would like to try a natural approach to my issue. What should I try?” – C.B., Provo, UT

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Q. Dear Terry, “When the seasons change, my sinus issues really flare up. Sometimes I get several sinus infections within a couple weeks. I recently made some diet changes that I hope will help my sinuses. What would be some ingredients that could help?” – Austin M., Rapid City, SD

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Treating Dry Eyes, Sjögren’s Syndrome, Peptic Ulcer and Heart Disease with Sea Buckthorn Oil.


Have you heard the buzz about sea buckthorn oil?  Oil from the berry and seed of this rare source of omega-7 has the highest level of omega-7 fatty acid.  Sea buckthorn oil has received a lot of notice recently for its ability to relieve… Read more >>

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Take the Limits Off

Sometimes we think so small. We limit our possibilities and potential. When God sees you, He sees all your potential. God knows what you’re capable of. His grace and favor in your life enable you to become what He sees. But first, you have to open your heart and take the limits off your life.

How do we limit God? We limit God in our thinking. Thoughts of doubt, unbelief and unforgiveness in your heart will close the door to His favor. In Mark 6, it says that Jesus could do no great works in a particular town because of the unbelief of the people. It works the same way today. On the other hand, when you choose thoughts of faith and expectancy, you are opening the door for God to work in your life. You are taking the limits off. You are giving Him the opportunity to multiply what you have in your hand. Choose to take the limits off by choosing His thoughts of victory. Choose thoughts of increase and blessing. As you do, you’ll rise higher and higher and live the abundant life He has prepared for you!

"Father, I choose faith! I choose Your unlimited grace and favor. I choose to believe that You have good things in store for me. You use me for Your glory in Jesus’ name. Amen"

"He raised us up together with Him…that He might clearly demonstrate through the ages to come the immeasurable (limitless, surpassing) riches of His free grace (His unmerited favor)…”
(Ephesians 2:6-7, AMPC)

"Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing."
—Wayne Dyer:  American author

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