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May 19 • 2017
Say goodbye to anxiety without drug side effects

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. But it’s not normal to experience excessive worry and stress day-to-day, month-to-month, or year-to-year. Thankfully, nature has an effective solution to ease your stress safely and effectively.




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Q. Dear Terry, “My 80-year-old father was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Fortunately, the cancer has not spread outside of his prostate. The doctor would like to start treatment ASAP, but I’m worried about my dad going through chemo or radiation at his age. What do you think?” — Nathan B., Skokie, IL

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Hello Terry, “My mother went through menopause early and was diagnosed with osteoporosis at a young age. I’ve read that osteoporosis and menopause can be related. What can I do to keep my bones strong as I transition into menopause?” — Harriett L., Pearl City, HI

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Hi Terry, “While I have not been officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have many of the symptoms. I am hoping to find a specialist in my area who can also help. For now, I would appreciate any suggestions you have for helping with the pain, lack of energy, and depression.” — Charlie B., Minneapolis, MN

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.
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You CAN Take Charge of Your Health

Drugs will never cure disease.  Drugs do not provide a measure of health.  Drugs were intended to be used during a crisis to save lives but they have become our healthcare system.  Food is our best medicine.  95% of the world depends on plant medicines for their medicine.  Curcumin and grape seed extract can prevent and treat a variety of diseases.  And new research is being done on curcumin and grape seed extract OPCs all the time. As more people become more aware of these developments, I believe a second American revolution – a revolution in health – will be the result. 

You are NOT at the mercy of conventional medicines, or a Standard American Diet. You can take steps today to change how you eat and begin healing immediately with curcumin and grape seed extract. With these nutrients, oxidative damage to your cells is not inevitable. They can stop and reverse its progress and preserve your health. High-absorption curcumin and high-OPC grape seed extract with absorbable proanthocyanidins and no tannins, make an unbeatable combination of the strongest natural protection available.

TODAY'S WORD From Joel and Victoria

Say Continually

Notice in today’s verse, God’s people were commanded to go around saying continually, “Let God be magnified. He takes pleasure in prospering me.” I believe one reason they were supposed to say it all the time is so it would get down on the inside of their hearts.

See, when we hear something long enough, we start to believe it. It starts to affect the way we see things. I wonder what would happen if, all through the day, we decided to stop dwelling on negative, defeated thoughts like, “I’ll never get out of debt. My business will never expand. How can I send my children to college; it’s so expensive?” And what if you started dwelling on thoughts like, “God takes pleasure in prospering me. Good breaks are in my future. Explosive blessings are coming my way?”

Today, let the truth of God’s Word sink down into your heart. All throughout the day, declare His goodness. Declare His faithfulness. Declare His blessings because He delights in seeing you prosper!

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"Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication; and let them say continually, 'The Lord be magnified, Who delights in the prosperity of His servant.'"
(Psalm 35:27, NASB)

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"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."


"Father, thank You for Your goodness. Thank You for finding joy in seeing me succeed. Help me to see my life the way You see it. Help me to see and declare the blessing and victory You have for me in Jesus’ name. Amen."

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