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November 23 • 2018
Nature’s Secret Weapon to Lower A1C Levels

It’s true. Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are an epidemic.  But here’s something to think about: is it a preventable epidemic? I believe it is.  There’s an amazing herbal discovery that lowers A1C levels and can prevent or reverse Type 2 Diabetes. And it’s been clinically studied in Europe for over 60 years. Don’t settle for poor health and become a statistic. Here’s what you can do to change your present and your future.



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Q. Dear Terry, “I have arthritis in my shoulder and hand. What can I take for the pain and inflammation?” — Phyllis W., Honolulu, HI

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Dear Terry, “My hair has been falling out a little more the past few years. I would like to prevent more hair loss from occurring. I am a 56 year old woman and otherwise healthy. What can I do?” — S.K., Rochester, NH

Q/A Dear Terry...

Q. Dear Terry, “My husband and I recently adopted a rescue dog. She is so sweet, but when we leave she has been having what I think is separation anxiety. I plan on taking her to the vet next week. Is there anything natural that could help in the meantime or long term?” — Josephine B., Lakewood, WA

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Terry is happy to provide his opinion on diet and nutrition, supplements and lifestyle choices. This information is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace the advice of your physician and is not to be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Should you have any concerns please contact your physician directly.
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Are You Exhausted or Do You Experience Chronic Fatigue? 

The adrenal glands are called into action every moment in a stressful situation. Once the stress is relieved, the adrenal glands return to normal function.  However, in our modern day living, it seems there is a never ending day of stress. Stressful situations are any one of those conditions that cause us to become stressed out. It can be worry over financial matters, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, trying to squeeze 24 hours into an 8-hour day, running from one appointment to another, and flying or driving in traffic that seems to be endless.

Any condition that upsets us to the point where we become nauseated, irritable, experience sweaty palms, or trickles of sweat running down our backs – all of these conditions cause our adrenals to jump into overdrive. Going back to the day of the caveman, the adrenals helped the caveman capture their meals or to run away from an animal that tried to make the caveman its meal. It’s the old fight or flight situation. Either you have the power to fight for your meal or you have the power to flee from being the animal’s meal. Today we have nonstop constant stress which depletes the adrenals. 

Some of the symptoms associated with adrenal insufficiency are, chronic fatigue and exhaustion, unfounded fears, excessive worry, crying over nothing, irritable, angry, making mountains out of molehills and antisocial behavior, avoiding conflicts at all costs and experiencing upper respiratory conditions and allergies. Many people who experience adrenal insufficiency crave salt.  If you find yourself doing so it’s a good sign that your adrenals need nutritional support to improve its structure and function. 

The nutrients that are most required are vitamin C, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, DHEA, pregnenolone, and possibly even adrenal extract similar to those who take a thyroid extract. Two herbs that support adrenal function are licorice root extract and rehmannia. Depending on the degree of exhaustion it may take one to six months to feel like a human being again.


TODAY'S WORD From Joel and Victoria

He's Working in You

Sometimes when God is doing a work in our lives, it can begin to feel a little uncomfortable. We may encounter people who are hard to get along with or have circumstances that seem beyond our control. When this happens, instead of complaining, getting sour or trying to change everything around you, why don’t you look deep inside? Say, “Lord, thank You for doing a work in me.” See, I’ve learned that God is more interested in changing me than He is in changing my circumstances. If I choose to stay sour because I’m not getting my way or discouraged because things aren’t happening on my timetable, that’s going to keep me right where I am.

If you want to see change, if you want to see God open up new doors, the key is to bloom right where you're planted. You can’t wait until everything gets better before you decide to have a good attitude. You have to be the best that you can be right where you are. When you bloom where you’re planted, you’re allowing God to work in you, and He will be faithful to complete what He’s started in you!

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"…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
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