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Mental and Nerve Disorders? The Right Bs

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Q. Dear Terry, “I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome a few years ago. My hands turn white and sometimes other colors. I have been able to manage my symptoms pretty well by keeping my hands warm. Are there any supplements that can help with my condition?” – Amelia C., Knoxville, TN

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Q. Dear Terry, “My husband has psoriasis and has not been able to tolerate the medications that were prescribed to him. I’ve been trying to look into natural options to help. ” – Tanya K., Brandon, FL

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Q. Dear Terry, “My mother is 84 and has gotten shingles. Is there anything she can do for it?” – Jane T., Newark, NJ

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Did You Know?

Erectile Dysfunction is Not Just an “Old Man” Problem.

More common among younger men than previously thought.

Researchers in Italy analyzed the ages of men seeking medical treatment for new onset erectile dysfunction.  One in four (26%) were under the age of 40, a number much higher than previously reported (8-11% of men under… Read more >>

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What Does The Science Say!!

Adaptability to Stress Starts Early
Boswellia for Metabolic Syndrome
Reduce Neuropathy Pain with Alpha Lipoic Acid
——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

Be Vulnerable

Paul was one of the church’s greatest apostles. He wrote nearly half the books in the New Testament. He was a scholar, a theologian, and preacher. No one was more effective than Paul. But he had the humility to admit, “I don’t have it all together. I’ve done my best, but I’m not there yet.” He could have let pride hide his weaknesses. He could have masked his shortcomings, but he was vulnerable. He was real. That’s the kind of person God promotes. There’s power in vulnerability.

Too often we try to impress people by putting on masks and performing to make them think we’re this or that. If you have to hide your struggles, cover your weaknesses, and act one way to keep up your image but deep down you know it’s superficial, that will keep you from your potential. Take off the mask. Be real. God is not looking for the ideal you, the pretend you, or the future you. He’s looking for the real you, the vulnerable you.

——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

“Father, thank You that You are looking for the real me, for me to be honest about my struggles, my doubts, my weaknesses, and my fears. Thank You that You love me just as I am, and You want me to be vulnerable. I have nothing to hide. Make me, mold me, and change me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

No, dear brothers, I am still not all I should be…
(Philippians 3:13, TLB)

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." 
— James Baldwin

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