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Q. Dear Terry, “For the past several years, I have not been interested in intimacy. I’m not sure if it’s from stress or what else it could be. It’s starting to take a toll on my relationship. I’ve heard there are a couple medications, but the side effects look pretty scary. Is there something natural I can try instead?” – J.W., Milwaukee, WI

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Q. Dear Terry, “I had surgery two days ago on my shoulder. I was sent home with painkillers, but I’d rather not take them. What do you suggest to help with the pain?” – Shawn P., Alexandria, VA

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Q. Dear Terry, “What are your recommendations for helping with Lyme disease?” – Tyler M., Bangor, ME

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Did You Know?

Keto Diet Improves Brain Function.

26 people with Alzheimer’s disease participated in a clinical trial to evaluate the effects of diet on mental function.  Each patient followed a keto diet for 12 weeks (58% fat, 29% protein, 6% carbs) and a standard low fat diet (11% fat, 19% protein, 62%… Read more >>

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Bowel and Intestinal Health: Answers to Chron's disease, Colitis, IBS, and Bowel Regularity
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What Does The Science Say!!

Astaxanthin Protects Your Skin
B Vitamins Give You a Much-Needed Boost
Melatonin for Depression?
——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

Into the Unknown

Esther was a Jewish orphan girl who was living in a foreign country. But God raised her up to become the queen. When a powerful official passed a law that all the Jewish people be killed, Esther’s cousin Mordecai told her that she had to go in and plead with the king for their people. In those days, if you approached the king without him holding up his golden rod first, you could be killed. That included Esther. God was asking her to step into the unknown. We love that Esther put her life on the line and saved her people.

When God gives you opportunities to step into the unknown, don’t shrink back, don’t let fear talk you out of it, and don’t let the what-ifs silence you. Be bold, be courageous, and step into the unknown. You may not see how it’s going to work out, but along the way you’ll see miracles. You’ll step into a new level of favor and reach the fullness of your destiny.

——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

“Father, thank You that You are Almighty God and nothing is too hard for You. Thank You for the opportunities You will bring my way to step into the unknown, and I expect to see Your hand of favor work powerfully in my behalf. I declare that the what-ifs will not stop me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

——————————————— by: Joel Osteen

“I and my attendants will fast as you do. When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.”
(Esther 4:16, NIV)

“Faced with crisis, the man of character falls back on himself. He imposes his own stamp of action, takes responsibility for it, makes it his own.”
— Charles de Gaulle

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