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Q. Dear Terry, “I’ve been considering taking collagen for my joint problems. What should I look for in a collagen and are there other nutrients I should be taking too?” – Jonah H., Sparks, NV

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Q. Dear Terry, “I’m a vegetarian and I eat a lot of hemp seeds. My question is do hemp seeds and hemp oil have the same health benefits?” – Adam B., Charleston, WV

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Q. Dear Terry, “I wear glasses or contacts to help with my vision. Lately, my eyes seem a little drier than normal. I’ve tried eye drops, but they only work for a short period of time. What are some natural options for helping with dry eyes?” – Remi K., Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Health Pick

Comfrey could be the answer for many of your aches and pains as well as wounds and ulcers

Comfrey is an age old herb that has been used for thousands of years, and a major healing plant during revolutions and wars to heal trauma, pain, and wounds. It was the number one herb in most medicine chests and recommended by herbalists until recently… Read more >>

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Working out with Kettlebells
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You Were Born To Win

The Bible says that we are more than conquerors through Christ. It doesn’t say that we will be more than conquerors when we grow stronger, get older or achieve some super-spiritual level. Scripture says we are more than conquerors right now. Rise up and see yourself as a champion in Him! You can be and will be victorious through Him. The problems that so often intimidate and defeat many people won't have a firm hold on you when you're walking with Christ and have the joy of the Lord! When you walk with Christ, strength and victory are yours through Him. Here's something to remember today: if Christ is on your side, it doesn't really matter who is against you! The opponents you face don't really matter and don't amount to much. Friend, take another look at your life today. You are a friend of God! No matter what you may face or who may seem against you, let this truth anchor deep within you—God is for you. Now go out in joy and make a difference for Him today, knowing who is on your side!

"God, I know that You are on my side and that the other side doesn't matter. Please give me the strength to stand against the giants that intimidate others. In Jesus' Name. Amen."

"...If God is for us, who is against us?"
(Romans 8:31, NASB)

The struggle and the challenge is the prize not the riches! 
—Terry Lemerond

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