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August 2022

Stop the damage and start the repair of neuropathy

12 August
Did you know that a whopping 60 to 70 percent of diabetic patients also have neuropathy which causes them to experience tingling and numbness along with pain in their feet, legs, fingers, and hands? That’s no way to live! There…
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The Botanical You Need to Stop Tumors Fast

5 August
Boswellia is an amazing gift from nature. It can prevent tumors, fight pain, protect your cardiovascular system, and stop digestive distress. Do your health a favor—give yourself the gift of boswellia.
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July 2022

Exciting New “Post Viral” Research You Don’t Want to Miss!

29 July
Too many people are suffering from long-term effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and viruses like Covid-19. But there’s good news! Exciting new research has revealed how a unique botanical can help these individuals restore their energy and start feeling…
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Good-Bye Acne! Hello Clear Skin!

22 July
If you suffer from acne, a natural approach can get your skin back on track! Balance oil production, reduce breakouts, and improve your skin’s integrity!
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Is your bladder running the show?

15 July
An overactive bladder and nighttime trips to the bathroom not only keep you up all night, but make your days more difficult, too. Thankfully, there’s a clinically studied botanical that can strengthen your bladder muscles and increase your bladder capacity…
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Prevent disease with French Grape Seed

8 July
Preventing or fighting cancer begins at the cellular level. Exciting new research shows that OPCs in grape seed extract exert anticancer properties in colorectal cancer cells. But only one type of grape seed extract has been proven successful.
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Stronger, Thicker, Healthier Hair

1 July
Whether your hair is thinning, dry, or brittle, the right combinations of nutrients can help! Millet seed oil with biotin energizes hair growth at the follicle and strengthens it from the roots to the ends.
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June 2022

End Adrenal Burnout and Chronic Fatigue

24 June
It’s time to start healing your adrenal glands! Learn how to combat adrenal burnout and chronic fatigue with a combination of nutrients shown to increase alertness, boost energy, and help you manage your stress.
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Wake up! Melatonin is for more than sleep!

17 June
Melatonin is best known for the way it supports healthy sleep cycles, but the truth is, it does so much more! Learn how this popular supplement can do everything from preventing cancer to treating depression to relieving digestive disorders.
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This herb sounds unbelievable, but it’s true!

10 June
It’s an understatement to say you can enhance your life with Andrographis. It is simply one of the most impressive herbal multitaskers in the world and can help prevent or potentially reverse a multitude of diseases. I’m going to tell…
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Recharge with Adaptogens

3 June
Do you depend on caffeine anytime you’re feeling exhausted? While a cup of coffee can help you stay alert and focused, the eventual caffeine crash can leave you feeling depleted and more tired than before! The solution? Clinically studied adaptogens!
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May 2022

Live Longer with Polyphenols!

27 May
Did you know the natural compounds that give fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs their vibrant colors can also give you vibrant, life-long health? Learn how polyphenols can fight inflammation, boost your immune health, and protect you from diabetes, heart disease,…
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Immune Defense with Vitamin C and Quercetin

20 May
Quercetin and vitamin C have the ability to stop viruses, bacteria, allergic reactions, and bronchial inflammation. Learn why they should be part of everyone’s immune-strengthening regimen!
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Lift Your Depression, Safely and Effectively

13 May
Prescription drugs aren’t the only option for depression! Clinical research increasingly shows time-tested natural medicines can be just as effective, but without causing serious side effects. Two of the best botanicals for treating depression are saffron and curcumin.
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Pups need probiotics, too!

6 May
Probiotics are as important for your dog as they are for us! Taken daily, the right probiotic boosts nutrient absorption, strengthens immune defenses, and keeps sensitive stomachs feeling good. Find out which probiotic is best for your four-legged best friend!
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April 2022

Two of the World’s Most Effective Adaptogens!

29 April
Andrographis and ashwagandha are two of the world’s most effective adaptogens. While each one has unique health benefits of its own, a combination of the two delivers absolutely amazing results. Read this article to learn how these adaptogens work together…
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The botanical that stops anxiety

22 April
If you struggle with anxiety, there is new research out that I can’t wait to share with you. I truly believe that this breakthrough extract is the future of treatment, and I think you’ll agree. I want you to know…
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Make your sinuses happy!

15 April
Whether you’re dealing with a cold, allergies, or a sinus infection, congestion and stuffiness can make you feel downright awful. Clear up the congestion, breathe easy, and feel like yourself again with these impressive plant oils!
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How to get a better night’s sleep

8 April
Natural medicines can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. If you’ve found yourself tossing and turning lately, these botanicals are the safe, effective solution for you!
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Rescue Your Cortisol, Rescue Your Life

1 April
Cortisol is an important hormone in the body. It keeps you alert and ready to respond during times of stress. But when cortisol reactions are out of balance in your body, you can quickly feel stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. This…
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March 2022

The Secret to Easing Stress

25 March
Dealing with stressful situations on a daily basis can ratchet up your cortisol levels and leave you feeling anxious, jittery, and overwhelmed. The good news is there’s a safe, effective botanical solution to help you ease stress and feel calm,…
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Prevent and fight cancer with curcumin.

18 March
If you aren’t excited about curcumin and all the possibilities it has to prevent and fight cancer—that’s about to change. When you hear all that is happening with the research of this amazing botanical, you’ll get excited along with me.…
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Heal Yourself from Metabolic Syndrome

11 March
If you’re one of the one in three Americans who suffers from metabolic syndrome, I have great news for you. A natural compound called berberine can effectively address your symptoms and start you on the path toward healing. Berberine can…
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Relieve pain without OTC meds

4 March
Over-the-counter pain relievers come with a host of side effects and dangerous consequences. In fact, they account for more than 60,000 emergency room visits each year. Thankfully, there is a botanical combination that can relieve pain quickly, safely, and effectively—without…
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