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What do you suggest I can take for thinning hair after menopause?

Dear Terry, “What do you suggest I can take for thinning hair after menopause? Anything you suggest for weight gain also?” — Barb O., Memphis, TN

Dear Barb, While menopause is an inevitable change in a woman’s life that brings with it a host of symptoms, I do have good news – there are natural ingredients that can help.

When it comes to thinning hair, look for a combination of nutrients including B vitamins, sulfur-bearing amino acids like L-cysteine and L-methionine, silica, as well as millet seed oil. Research in Europe has shown these nutrients to have tremendous benefits in healthy hair growth. Since hair grows slowly, keep in mind that it will take a minimum of 90-120 days before you can judge the positive benefits.

However, if after the 90-120 days, you continue to have difficulties with your hair, and you find you are also having problems with energy, mood, weight gain and cold sensitivity, you may want to visit an integrative healthcare practitioner to have your thyroid function evaluated. Hair loss and weight gain can often be an indication of an underactive thyroid.

If underactive thyroid is indeed the issue, then iodine and L-tyrosine can be extremely beneficial. I’d recommend taking 15-30 mg of iodine plus 200-400 mg of L-tyrosine at breakfast. This will provide the raw materials necessary for your thyroid glands to make healthy amounts of thyroid hormone.

Healthy Regards!

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