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What do you recommend in a case of spastic bladder?

Q. Dear Terry, “What do you recommend in a case of spastic bladder?” — Solomon G., San Francisco, CA

A. Dear Solomon, I do have a recommendation that you may find helpful. However, I strongly encourage you to discuss the use of dietary supplementation with your physician, as they may have additional input regarding a supplement regimen.

There is a clinically-studied botanical extract that will strengthen bladder muscles and increase bladder capacity. It is made from angelica (Angelica archangelica) – the angels’ herb – which grows in Iceland. The fruits, leaves, and roots of the plant have been used in folk medicine for centuries, and it was cultivated in the Nordic countries during the Middle Ages.

I’d recommend that you start with two tablets per day – one in the morning and one at night – for the first few days, and then drop down to one tablet per day thereafter.

Healthy Regards!

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