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What do you recommend for high blood pressure?

Q. Dear Terry, “What do you recommend for high blood pressure?” — Pat R., Houston, TX

A. Dear Pat, High blood pressure is a very serious medical condition. While I have some safe and effective nutrients that can help, I do encourage individuals to consult with their healthcare practitioner. I can make some recommendations, but that never replaces a doctor’s care and oversight.

Olive leaf and hibiscus extracts can be a wonderful alternative for safely lowering blood pressure. Both have been shown in clinical trials to lower blood pressure levels. In fact, in a study comparing hibiscus to the prescription blood pressure drug lisinopril, those using hibiscus had better blood pressure reduction than those taking the synthetic drug, and with absolutely no side effects at all.

Look for olive leaf and hibiscus extracts standardized to their key compounds. In the case of olive leaf, it should be standardized to a minimum of 16% oleuropein, while hibiscus should be standardized to a minimum of 45% polyphenols. I recommend taking these two ingredients daily. But, be patient – you need to follow this regimen for a minimum of three months before evaluating the benefits.

Other things you can do to lower your blood pressure include weight loss via exercise and healthy diet, relaxation, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Healthy Regards!

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