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What can be done about warts on hands?

Dear Terry, “What can be done about warts on hands?” — Judy D., Green Bay, WI

Dear Judy, Oftentimes, you only need to look as far as your diet when it comes to warts as they may be caused by a diet which includes excessive quantities of carbohydrates and refined sugar. I’d urge individuals with warts to stay away from all soft drinks, highly acidic juices, refined carbohydrates and sugars. For a more detailed look at an effective diet that works, please see my article, Terry’s Traditional Diet.

I would also recommend taking up to 200 mgs several times a day of the following four concentrated plant oils: Ravintsara, Myrtle, Thyme, and Bay. These ingredients are extremely potent in ridding the body of pathogens. You can also dab a few drops on the affected area, and cover with duct tape. If duct tape looks silly, use decorated duct tape or band aids. Change every few days. It usually takes one to two weeks.

When looking for concentrated plant oils, be sure to choose ones which have been laboratory tested to accurately identify elements of their natural chemical composition. Unlike essential oils used for massage and aromatherapy, these plant oils are tested and “fingerprinted” based on specific molecular makeup, species, marker compounds, purity and safety for internal medicinal use. The extraordinary potency of these tested plant oils allows for relatively low doses, but very powerful health benefits.

Healthy Regards!

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