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My skin is very dry and itchy – what should I use?

Q. Dear Terry, “My skin is very dry and itchy – what should I use?” — Dorothy M., San Angelo, TX

A. Dear Dorothy, Dry skin can be caused by many factors including chronic inflammation, stress, environmental exposure, and medication side effects. An imbalance or deficiency in omega fatty acids can also cause dry skin. Many people are familiar with omega 3s, but omega 7 fatty acids from sea buckthorn are incredibly important for skin health. Sea buckthorn oil has been shown in clinical studies to help with many aspects of skin health, including dryness, roughness, and improving the integrity of the epithelium.

When looking for a sea buckthorn oil, make sure it is rich in many nutrients, including omega-7, but also omega 3, 6, and 9. Plus, a complete sea buckthorn oil from both the berry and seeds should include beneficial phytosterols, tocopherols and carotenoids, just like the material used in the clinical studies. I believe environmentally-friendly, solvent-free supercritical CO2 extraction technology is the best extraction method for sea buckthorn. That way, you know you’re getting the same type of sea buckthorn oil that has been clinically tested.

I would also consider adding omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, naturally bound to beneficial phospholipids, as this is much closer to nature and how people were meant to absorb and use these nutrients. This is the way you’d get your omega-3s by eating fish – which means a big difference in stability and ability to transport omega-3s to where they are needed most. I would take omega-3 fatty acids from salmon once or twice per day.

Healthy Regards!

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