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My question is do hemp seeds and hemp oil have the same health benefits?

Q. Dear Terry, “I’m a vegetarian and I eat a lot of hemp seeds. My question is do hemp seeds and hemp oil have the same health benefits?” – Adam B., Charleston, WV

A. Dear Adam, I think one of the biggest points of clarification when discussing hemp is figuring out what health goals you are trying to achieve. Hemp seeds have many healthy omega fatty acids and other compounds, but do not have the cannabinoids, which most people are after. I think incorporating hemp seeds into your dietary routine can be useful, but doesn’t compare to the significant health benefits that a full-spectrum hemp oil extract has to offer.

By definition, hemp is virtually free of psychoactive THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the primary compound responsible for the euphoria of marijuana. The hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, contains a full range of other compounds called cannabinoids (including cannabidiol – popularly known as CBD), that affect the brain and body in very positive ways without impairing focus or concentration.

Hemp oil compounds, including CBD, have a lot of health benefits. It’s easy to think that only CBD is important, but hemp oil is complex, and the other non-THC phytocannabinoids are valuable. The best hemp oil provides a full entourage of compounds from the stalk, which is important because these compounds work together more strongly than any one single compound on its own.

I prefer European, CO2 extracted, non-GMO hemp from specifically cultivated plants that are carefully tended to in order to deliver maximum health benefits. I would take this hemp oil once or twice daily.

Healthy Regards!

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