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My husband was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Q. Dear Terry, “My husband was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. He refuses to use drugs.  What can he do to rebuild bone and stop the breaking down of bone?” — Lisa S., Green Bay, WI

A. Dear Lisa, Your husband is not alone. Approximately two million American men already have osteoporosis, along with 12 million more that are at risk. Many of the risk factors that put women at risk for osteoporosis apply to men as well. For example, family history, taking steroid medicines, not exercising, smoking, drinking too much alcohol or having low testosterone levels can put you at risk for getting osteoporosis.

I am glad to say I do have some natural options for your husband. However, I would encourage him to talk with his doctor and see what they think about the following recommendations.

I would first recommend adding organic silica from horsetail to your husband’s regimen. It may surprise you to know this, but silica – not calcium – is the top osteoporosis supplement in parts of Europe. In fact, studies have shown that silica can increase calcium absorption by 50% and bone density by 15%. Silica tends to be poorly absorbed, so look for a product that contains organic silica and bioflavonoids, blended with marine oil. This form of silica is clinically studied, extremely soluble, and virtually 100% bioavailable for the body. I recommend taking 40 mg daily.

He may also want to consider taking a combination of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, K1 and K2, silicon, boron, zinc, copper and manganese complimented with a probiotic (the “good bacteria” that helps us absorb nutrients) such as Bacillus coagulans to support bone health and increase bone density. I recommend taking 2 tablets at lunch and 2 tablets at dinner or bedtime.

The trace mineral strontium is also essential for optimal bone health. Strontium is a component of bones and occurs naturally in the body. Studies using strontium in the treatment of osteoporosis showed significant improvements in bone mineral density (BMD). In fact, a 2010 study published in Rheumatology International actually compared the effects of strontium to a well-known osteoporosis drug called alendronate (brand name Fosamax). In this study, strontium was much more effective than the drug for increasing bone thickness and density—all without serious adverse effects. Look for a formula that contains strontium citrate, a very absorbable form of strontium. I recommend 680 mg of elemental strontium at breakfast.

Please note that since strontium and calcium are absorbed via the same pathway, they should be taken separately, several hours apart from one another. Therefore, I would suggest taking strontium in the morning and other bone building minerals later in the day and at bedtime.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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