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My dog has a spinal cord condition that is causing her to have accidents in the house.

Q. Dear Terry, “My dog has a spinal cord condition that is causing her to have accidents in the house. She’s really healthy otherwise, but because of her age surgery isn’t really an option. Is there anything I can give her to hopefully reduce the accidents?”– Brandy T., Kenner, LA

A. Dear Brandy, Brain or spinal cord diseases in dogs (and people) can cause urinary issues, like dribbling or even the inability to pass urine. One of the reasons this happens is because there is decreased bladder signaling and tone. The bladder is a muscular sac and without proper tone it can lose its capacity to hold urine properly. Fortunately, there is a botanical that can help with some of these changes.

To support your dog’s bladder, you may want to consider Angelica archangelica. Also called “Angel’s Herb”, this beautiful plant grows all over Iceland. When it comes to bladder support, for people and pets, this is the single, most efficacious botanical I have ever encountered.

Not only does Angelica help to strengthen the bladder muscles, but it also helps increase bladder capacity. That can mean less urinary leakage and dribbling.

I would give your dog 100 mg of this herb once per day.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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