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My boss suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Q. Dear Terry, “My boss suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. She already had surgery and does not want to have it again. She is in a lot of pain especially at night. What would your suggestions be?” — Debbie M., Milwaukee, WI

A. Dear Debbie, Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, tingling, weakness, and pain in the hand(s) because of pressure on the median nerve in the wrist(s). Women are three times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. While the causes of carpal tunnel may differ, there are some ingredients I think can help.

To assist with your boss’s pain, I recommend these four ingredients: highly absorbable curcumin, boswellia, DLPA, and nattokinase. Each ingredient works in a slightly different manner to help her become comfortable as quickly as possible. I would take these four ingredients three times daily.

She may also want to consider adding vitamin B6 to her daily regimen. When looking for a vitamin B6 formula, I strongly recommend choosing one that features vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P) in combination with magnesium glycinate and zinc glycinate. P-5-P is the biologically active form of vitamin B6. Many people (some estimate up to 50% of the population) cannot fully utilize B-vitamins from food and supplements, because these forms of B-vitamins must be converted into the active form before they will function. By using the form of vitamin B6 that is identical to the kind your body utilizes, you bypass this problem entirely. In addition to optimizing vitamin B6 metabolism, the magnesium in the glycinate form delivers a good dose of magnesium to help with muscle relaxation and resistance to nerve excitability. Zinc also works synergistically with magnesium and vitamin B6.

I recommend taking vitamin B6 (as P-5-P), magnesium (as magnesium glycinate) and zinc (as zinc glycinate chelate) three times daily.

Please tell her to be patient – she should allow at least 3 months with the above nutritional program before she evaluates her progress.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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