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My adult son suffers from hives.

Q. Dear Terry, “My adult son suffers from hives. He has been to multiple doctors, but no one has come up with what is causing them.  He has been dealing with this for a number of years now. Do you have any suggestions?” — Donna K., Eagan, MN

A. Dear Donna, My first recommendation is for your son to take a good look at his diet, which could be playing a crucial role in his condition. I strongly suggest that he avoid all refined carbohydrates, grains, sugar and soft drinks. I would recommend following this diet for at least 90 days before determining if it is helpful. If he finds it too difficult to avoid all grains, he can have the following grains; brown rice, quinoa, millet seed, buckwheat and/or amaranth. I would also recommend avoiding all dairy products with the exception of what some people think are dairy products – eggs, butter and cream. Click on my healthy diet plan for more information. This is the diet I follow and it will help your son’s overall health.

He should also consider adding a clinically studied, uniquely standardized boswellia extract to his daily regimen. Boswellia is a specific inhibitor of 5-LOX, an enzyme that activates leukotrienes, which induce inflammation. Because it helps reduce inflammation, along with oxidative stress (free radical damage), boswellia is effective for a variety of health conditions. I recommend taking 500 mg of this unique boswellia extract one to two times daily. Be sure to look for a boswellia extract that provides 500 mg of Boswellia serrata gum resin extract standardized to contain 70% total organic and boswellic acids with 10% AKBA. It’s also important to find a formula that features a boswellia extract that has filtered out the majority of beta-boswellic acid. Unlike most boswellic acids, beta-boswellic acid is actually pro-inflammatory. Removing it greatly enhances the potency of the boswellia extract – look for an extract that contains 5% or less beta-boswellic acid. This is the right ratio for a strong – yet natural – boswellia extract.

And finally, I would recommend adding calcium lactate to his daily routine. While more well-known for its ability to protect bones, calcium also protects soft tissue from conditions such as rashes, sun burn, fever blisters, cold sores and cold and flu. Making sure your body gets optimal amounts of calcium will help protect the soft tissue from being damaged. I recommend taking 2 capsules of calcium lactate blended with magnesium and zinc three times daily.

Healthy Regards!

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