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My 12 year old son has just been diagnosed with ADHD.

Dear Terry, “My 12 year old son has just been diagnosed with ADHD. Are there any natural ingredients or supplements that might be helpful?” — Sandra P., San Francisco, CA

Dear Sandra, First, I would suggest having your son follow a diet that avoids excessive carbohydrates, sugars, juice and soft drinks.  The diet should be primarily proteins, fats and very little carbohydrates.  For a better understanding of this diet, called the ketogenic diet, go to www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com and www.drperlmutter.com.  I would also suggest reading Dr. Perlmutter’s book Grain Brain.

In addition to modifying his diet, there are some natural ingredients that you may want to consider.

I believe your son would benefit greatly by adding a strong, absorbable curcumin to his daily regimen. I recommend taking 750 mg of high absorption curcumin 1-2 times daily. Keep in mind that standard curcumin is very poorly absorbed, so make sure the product you choose features a curcumin with excellent absorption that has been proven in published human studies. The best form I have ever found uses curcumin blended with turmeric essential oils. This curcumin has been shown in published human studies to be better absorbed than plain curcumin.

I would also strongly recommend that you consider adding omega-3s to his regimen as they have been shown to help increase focus and attention. I prefer to get my omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, naturally bound to phospholipids, as this is much closer to nature and how people were meant to absorb and use these nutrients. This is the way you’d get your omega-3s by eating fish – in the natural sn-2 position, not the sn-1 position into which they are twisted when extracted in fish oil. This means a big difference in stability and ability to transport omega-3s to where they are needed most. Therefore, you only need a small amount compared to the handfuls of fish oil capsules or spoonsful of fishy tasting oils.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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