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I’ve read that glutathione is important for detoxification. My question is can you take glutathione daily and how much?

Q. Dear Terry, “I’ve read that glutathione is important for detoxification. I have a history of chemical exposures and I want to help my body detoxify. My question is can you take glutathione daily and how much?” – Bethany A., Milwaukee, WI

A. Dear Bethany, Glutathione is one of the most important compounds in your body. It is so crucial that your body makes its own, creating it from the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. It is required for cellular defense, detoxification, and fighting the DNA-damaging effects of oxidative stress.

I think glutathione is necessary for anyone with toxin exposure, whether recent or in the past. As the liver snags toxins out of circulation, it must prepare them for disposal. This process is called phase I and phase II detoxification – and these processes can’t take place without adequate levels of glutathione. While we cannot always avoid toxic exposures, it is important to do our best to remove them from the body as quickly as possible.

Ideally, our cells would be full of active glutathione. But that’s not always the case. Just when we need it the most, glutathione levels can drop. This is due to age, health challenges, environmental exposures, genetics, or a combination of issues. By age 40, the majority of people are making 30% less glutathione, and by age 65, as much as 50% less – and that is in healthy individuals.

One of the trickiest parts about increasing the amount of glutathione with supplements is that during the digestive process the glutathione loses its superpowers. When active glutathione becomes oxidized during digestion, it transforms into the unfavorable form of glutathione, and then it adds to your body’s oxidative stress burden. It is not a matter of enteric coating the supplement, or stomach acid – it is the digestive process itself that transforms glutathione into its unfavorable form.

Fortunately, research scientists in France have developed a way to keep glutathione stable and deliver it intact. This patented process combines glutathione with protective antioxidants, which allows it to significantly improve the ratio of active glutathione to oxidized glutathione, which other approaches are unable to do.

I recommend taking 300 mg per day of the reduced, active form of glutathione that is orally absorbed and has been stabilized in a patented process with protective antioxidants.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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