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I’ve been having some urinary incontinence when I laugh and exercise.

Q. Dear Terry, “I’ve been having some urinary incontinence when I laugh and exercise. It’s making me very self-conscious and discouraging me from exercising. Are there any herbs that help with bladder control?” — G.Y., Chapel Hill, NC

A. Dear G.Y., As we age, our bladder can lose its tone because our bladder is a muscular sac. When our bladder loses tone, it can also lose its capacity to hold urine properly. But fortunately there is a botanical that can help with some of these changes.

For bladder support you may want to consider Angelica archangelica. Also called “Angel’s Herb”, this beautiful plant grows all over Iceland. When it comes to bladder support, this is the single most efficacious botanical I have ever encountered. A special standardization of this herb may help both men and women with overactive bladder, frequent night time awakenings to empty the bladder, bladder spasms and inflammation, urinary incontinence, stress incontinence, and adult bed-wetting.

Not only does Angelica help to strengthen the bladder muscles, but it also helps increase bladder capacity. That means fewer trips to the bathroom and less urinary leakage.

I would take this herb twice per day for the first two or three days, and then you can try once per day after that. If you experience more incontinence issues in the evening, I would take it before bed and vice versa if your issues are generally in the morning and throughout the day.

When choosing a formula, I recommend finding one that features an aqueous (water) extract of Angelica and is clinically studied.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally


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