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I’m looking for ways to get more exercise while being inside.

Q. Dear Terry, “I’m looking for ways to get more exercise while being inside. My apartment is quite small, so I’ve been doing yoga as often as I can. I’m looking for some other activities that will help me stay in shape. What exercises do you like to do?”– Cass K., Jacksonville, FL

A. Dear Cass, We all know how important exercise is and the current circumstances can make it challenging for people to keep up their exercise routine. Fortunately, there is a great workout that takes minutes a day and can have great results. I have been exercising with kettle bells for several years and find it works well with my schedule and lifestyle. If you are unfamiliar with kettle bells, you can watch my video on the kettle bell swing on YouTube. There are plenty of other great kettle bell videos and demos on the internet as well. If you don’t have kettle bells, you can use a gallon of water, books, or other items you may have at home. I’ve seen a lot of creative ways to do kettle bell exercises without actual kettle bells.

Short-burst exercises, like kettle bells, help strengthen the muscles, and can be done fairly quickly with lasting benefits. I also did a webinar on the benefits of short-burst exercise that is available on the Terry Talks Nutrition YouTube page. I hope you will find some valuable tools in the webinar and you can implement them into your life.

If you are just getting back into an exercise routine and become sore, I would add a combination of curcumin, boswellia, DLPA, and nattokinase. Each of these ingredients help to relieve pain safely and effectively, while also reducing the inflammation that occurs from exercising. I would take these ingredients one to three times daily, or as needed.

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