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I would like to stop taking the Synthroid.

Q. Dear Terry, “I have been taking a very small dose of Synthroid (0.025 mg) for the last year or so. I would like to stop taking the Synthroid altogether and start taking a more natural alternative. Is this possible?” — Bob H., Los Angeles, CA

A. Dear Bob, I can’t advise you to stop taking Synthroid. I am not a physician, so I strongly recommend that you consult with your physician regarding your medication regimen.

However, when it comes to the thyroid, diet can be extremely important. You would do better with more proteins and fats, and less carbohydrates and sugar in your diet. I would also recommend avoiding all gluten and soy products, which can prevent healthy thyroid function. While I understand this takes a huge effort on your part, it can make a real difference. Click on my healthy diet plan for more information. For additional information, I also recommend checking out the following websites: www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com and www.drperlmutter.com. You should also read the books, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

In addition to modifying your diet, there are some natural ingredients that you may want to consider. Keep in mind that while I do have some recommendations, I encourage you to discuss the use of dietary supplementation with your physician as they may have additional input.

When it comes to less than optimal thyroid gland function, iodine and L-tyrosine can be extremely beneficial. I’d recommend taking 15-30 mg of iodine plus 200-400 mg of L-tyrosine 30 minutes before breakfast. This will provide the raw materials necessary for your thyroid glands.

Healthy Regards! 

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