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I started drinking pomegranate juice because I heard it is really good for preventing cancer.

Q. Dear Terry, “I started drinking pomegranate juice because I heard it is really good for preventing cancer. But when I read the label, I saw how much sugar is in the juice. Should I still drink it, or should I try something else?” — Alex M., Little Rock, AR

A. Dear Alex, While pomegranate juice has become a huge hit, you are right in being concerned about the sugar content. With so much added sugar, it can be difficult to consume enough juice every day to have a truly therapeutic value, and not have an adverse effect on blood sugar levels. Plus, if you’re only drinking the juice, you’re missing out on some of the most important compounds in pomegranates.

Research has shown that the best results come from a combination of pomegranate fruit and seed oil – the only known botanical source of omega-5 fatty acid, also known as punicic acid. Omega-5 from pomegranate seed oil has the ability to inhibit both estrogen-sensitive and estrogen-insensitive breast cancer cells. Pomegranate can also help normalize PSA levels, which are one of the determining factors in how quickly prostate cancer progresses, and decreases inflammation linked to cancerous changes in the colon.

Whether you’re concerned about reducing the potential of cancer, stocking up your antioxidant defenses, strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems, reducing inflammation, or simply supporting the millions of tasks your body must perform each day, a strong pomegranate seed oil combined with fruit extract is a very powerful choice.

Instead of pomegranate juice, look for a combination of pomegranate fruit extract and seed oil. That way you receive the amazing power of pomegranate, without the sugar, calories, or mess of drinking the juice or eating the fruit. I would take 600 mg of a pomegranate fruit extract and seed oil once a day for maintenance of good health.

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