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I read one of your articles on Hintonia latiflora having the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and lower A1C.

Q. Hello Terry, “I read one of your articles on Hintonia latiflora having the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and lower A1C. I have been taking medication for type 2 diabetes, but I am still not able to lower my A1C. When I started taking Hintonia latiflora, my A1C was 14.6. After two weeks of taking two capsules daily, my A1C level is 6.1. I am extremely happy with the result of using Hintonia latiflora, but I would like to know if I can stay on two capsules daily indefinitely to regulate my blood sugar?” — Herman C., Ogden, UT

A. Dear Herman, Yes, you can take two capsules indefinitely and congratulations on the reduction of your A1C – that is great news! The measure of hemoglobin A1C (commonly referred to as just A1C) is a more in-depth look at how well a person’s diabetes is managed. The test looks at the amount of hemoglobin (found in red blood cells) that is glycated, or coated with glucose. The higher your A1C, the more of your red blood cells and hemoglobin are saturated with sugar. We know that sugar is one of the most irritating substances to the inside of our blood vessels, so a high A1C percent can lead to problems with our veins and arteries.

Even a small reduction in A1C can have huge benefits for our health and wellness. A one percentage point decrease in A1C can lead to a 25% reduction in microvascular (the smallest blood vessels in our body), 19% reduction in risk of cataracts, 16% reduction in risk of heart failure, and 43% less risk of amputation or death from peripheral vascular disease. 

Because you have done so well with taking two capsules of Hintonia latiflora per day, I would stick with that dose. One of the amazing aspects of Hintonia latiflora is it will not take your blood sugar too low, so you don’t have to worry about becoming hypoglycemic.

I personally, would stay with the two capsules per day for the maintenance of your good health. Additionally, Hintonia latiflora has side benefits (rather than side effects) and research has shown it may help stop gastrointestinal damage and gastric ulcers. Considering the harsh effects of some drugs used for type 2 diabetes on the digestive system, this is yet another reason to keep Hintonia latiflora in your daily diabetes-fighting regimen.

Healthy Regards!

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