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I know that my diet isn’t very high in omega-3s.

Q. Dear Terry, “I know that my diet isn’t very high in omega-3s. The taste of fish oil really grosses me out, especially the liquid kind. Is there something else I can take?” — Derk T., Alberta, Canada

A. Dear Derk, You are not alone, there are many people that dislike eating fish or taking traditional fish oils, but know that omega-3s are powerful health compounds.

Omega-3s are essential, meaning we cannot produce them ourselves. We need to consume these important nutrients on a regular basis because they are an integral part of our cell membranes.  Fortunately, for people who don’t like the fishy taste of conventional fish oils, there are other options.

Cold-water fish have the highest naturally occurring levels of omega-3s because of the environment they live in.  I prefer to get my omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, naturally bound to beneficial peptides and phospholipids, as this is much closer to nature and how people were meant to absorb and use these nutrients. This is the way you’d get your omega-3s by eating fish – which means a big difference in stability and ability to transport omega-3s to where they are needed most. Therefore, you only need a small amount compared to the handfuls of fish oil capsules or spoonsful of fishy tasting oils.

Plus, because these omega-3s are absorbed and utilized by the body, you don’t experience the unpleasant aftertaste or the fish burps.

I would take omega-3 fatty acids from salmon once or twice per day.

Healthy Regards!

Terry . . . Naturally

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