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I have had a problem with hemorrhoids for a number of years.

Q. Dear Terry, “I have had a problem with hemorrhoids for a number of years. I have used over the counter products and have had less than satisfactory results. Do you have something that may help me?” — JB, Atlanta, GA

A. Dear JB, Hemorrhoids are painful, swollen veins in the anal/rectal area. When they are irritated or inflamed, they can also bleed. I do have some natural options that I can share with you. However, I strongly recommend that you have ANY kind of rectal bleeding checked out first by your healthcare professional to make sure it is hemorrhoids and not something more serious.

Keeping your bowel movements soft and hydrated can greatly reduce hemorrhoid irritation. You can do this by drinking plenty of water, and making sure you have good sources of fiber in your diet—especially raw fruits and vegetables every day.

I believe you would also benefit greatly by adding red vine leaf and butcher’s broom to your daily regimen. Together, these two powerful botanicals have the ability to reduce the swelling, pain and bleeding associated with hemorrhoids. Butcher’s broom helps by constricting swollen veins, while red vine leaf extract helps to strengthen your blood vessels. I would recommend taking 500-1,000 mg total of red vine leaf and butcher’s broom twice daily.

Mesoglycan is another ingredient you may want to try. Mesoglycan provides glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) – the building blocks of blood vessels – which are crucial to the actual formation of blood vessel walls, helping them to be strong, yet flexible, plus it helps keep blood moving through our arteries and blood vessels. When looking for a product, make sure to choose one that comes from a porcine (or pig) source – this ensures it’s bioidentical to the same building blocks found in our own bodies. I recommend taking 50-100 mg of mesoglycan daily.

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