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I have been struggling with a skin fungal infection for years.

Q. Dear Terry, “I have been struggling with a skin fungal infection for years. It comes and goes, showing up under my arms and around my waistline. I have worked with a dermatologist, but none of the treatments got rid of it completely. What would you recommend?” — John M., St. Peters, MO

A. Dear John, I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties finding an effective treatment. While I do have some recommendations, I strongly encourage you to discuss the use of dietary supplementation with your physician. In the case of fungal infections, I recommend concentrated plant oils.

Look for a formula that features the concentrated plant oils of ravintsara, myrtle, thyme and bay. This combination is extremely potent in ridding the body of pathogens. Take 1 softgel of this concentrated plant oil blend orally twice daily. You could also pierce a softgel with a pin, dab a few drops on the affected area.

When looking for concentrated plant oils, be sure to choose formulas which feature concentrated plant oils that have been laboratory tested to accurately identify elements of their natural chemical composition. Unlike essential oils used for massage and aromatherapy, these plant oils are tested and “fingerprinted” based on specific molecular makeup, species, marker compounds, purity and safety for internal medicinal use. The extraordinary potency of these tested plant oils allows for relatively low doses, but very powerful health benefits.

I also think you would benefit from a combination of elderberry, along with vitamin (A, C, and D) and mineral (zinc, calcium, and magnesium) ingredients. All of these ingredients have antiviral, antibacterial, or immune-supportive properties that will help boost overall health and immune system function. I would recommend taking 2 tablets of this blend three times daily. You can reduce the dosage later, as desired.

Healthy Regards!

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