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I am in my mid-forties and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Dear Terry, “I am in my mid-forties and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I currently suffer from slowness, pain and muscle rigidity. Are there any supplements that might be beneficial?” — MJ, Syracuse, NY

Dear MJ, I applaud the proactive steps you are taking to optimize your health. I am glad to say I do have some recommendations. However, I strongly encourage you to discuss the use of dietary supplementation with your healthcare practitioner. I think the best health outcomes are achieved when all those involved are in the loop and cooperating.

I believe you would benefit greatly by adding a strong, absorbable curcumin to your daily regimen. I recommend taking 750 mg of high absorption curcumin twice daily. Keep in mind that standard curcumin is very poorly absorbed, so make sure the product you choose features a curcumin with excellent absorption that has been proven in published human studies. The best form I have ever found uses curcumin blended with turmeric essential oils in a patented process. This curcumin has been shown in published human studies to be better absorbed than standard curcumin.

You should also consider supplementing with glutathione - virtually every person dealing with a chronic disease is depleted in glutathione. Glutathione is so crucial that your body makes its own, creating it from the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. Glutathione is required for cellular defense, detoxification, and fighting the DNA-damaging risks of oxidative stress. Ideally, our cells would be full of active glutathione. But that’s not always the case. Just when we need it the most, glutathione levels can drop. This is due to age, health challenges, environmental factors, genetics, or a combination of factors. Therefore, I recommend taking 150 mg of the reduced, active form of L-glutathione three times daily in order to support optimal glutathione levels.

Vitamin B6 is another nutrient you may want to consider adding to your daily regimen. When looking for a vitamin B6 formula, I strongly recommend choosing one that features vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxal-5-phospate (P-5-P) in combination with magnesium glycinate. P-5-P is the biologically active form of vitamin B6. Many people (some estimate up to 30% of the population) cannot fully utilize B-vitamins from food and supplements because these forms of B-vitamins must be converted into the active form before they will function. By using the form of vitamin B6 that is identical to the kind your body utilizes, you bypass this problem entirely. In addition to optimizing vitamin B6 metabolism, the magnesium in the glycinate form delivers a good dose of magnesium to help with muscle relaxation and resistance to nerve excitability. I recommend 60 mg of vitamin B6 (as P-5-P) and 200 mg of magnesium (as magnesium glycinate) twice daily.

Lastly, you may also want to consider adding CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) to your daily regimen. CoQ10 is needed by virtually every cell in the body because it is a crucial element for cellular energy production in the mitochondria – the cellular “engine.” I would recommend taking 1,200 mg daily. Make sure to choose a formula that features a non-oxidized ubiquinol form.

In addition to the natural ingredients mentioned above, I highly recommend taking a good look at your diet. Dietary restrictions would include avoiding all gluten and soy products. I would also recommend restricting carbohydrates and sugar to less than 50 grams per day. While I understand this takes a huge effort on your part, it can make a real difference. Click on my healthy diet plan for more information. For additional information, I also recommend checking out the following websites: www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com and www.drperlmutter.com. You should also read the books, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

Healthy Regards!

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