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I am a 40 year old woman who has been struggling with thyroid issues my whole adult life.

Q. Dear Terry, “I am a 40 year old woman who has been struggling with thyroid issues my whole adult life. My symptoms have not improved since starting on levothyroxine over five years ago. I’m still tired all the time, have cold hands and feet, weight gain, and mood issues. I’m hoping you can give me some advice on how to approach this issue naturally. Please help!” — Tonya S., Brooklyn, NY

A. Dear Tonya, I believe avoiding soy and fluoridated tap water are very important for thyroid health. I also think diet is incredibly important for improving overall health. I would start by removing dairy products (with the exception of cream, butter, and eggs), sugar, soft drinks, and all grains from your diet. Your diet should consist of animal proteins from beef, bison, lamb, poultry, and fish, with non-starchy vegetables and fruits. You can also eat nuts, seeds, and berries. While I understand this takes a huge effort, it can make a real difference. For more information, you can review my diet here or watch my webinar. For additional information, I also recommend visiting the following websites: www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com and www.drperlmutter.com. You should also read the books, Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.

Many women have suboptimal thyroid function, especially after the age of 35. To help the thyroid gland function optimally it requires two raw materials to produce hormones: iodine and L-Tyrosine. Supplemental iodine is available in different forms, each of which affects specific tissues in the body. Potassium and sodium iodide are best absorbed by the thyroid. Breast tissue uses iodine most efficiently in the molecular form. Because of this, you need a supplement that includes more than one form of the mineral. The best formula provides three forms of iodine: sodium iodide, potassium iodide, and molecular iodine – at levels that can actually make a real difference. I would take iodine and L-Tyrosine every morning before breakfast.

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