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Do you have recommendations for treating athlete's foot naturally?

Dear Terry, “Do you have recommendations for treating athlete's foot naturally?” — Wade W., Hartford, CT

Dear Wade, Athlete’s foot is the most common fungal skin infection. Signs and symptoms include persistent redness, itching, peeling, cracking, and scaling of the feet. Athlete's foot is contagious and is spread via contaminated floors, towels or clothing.

I would recommend Cinnamon, Thyme, Clove, and Oregano oils – some of nature’s most powerful ingredients – to help boost your body’s natural defenses against athlete’s foot. I suggest taking a total of 75 mg of these oils internally 1-3 times daily. You may also want to consider applying these oils topically to the areas of concern.

Make sure to choose concentrated plant oils that are approved for internal use. Unlike essential oils used for massage and aromatherapy, these plant oils are tested and “fingerprinted” based on specific molecular makeup, species, marker compounds, purity and safety for internal medicinal use. The extraordinary potency of these tested plant oils allows for relatively low doses, but very powerful health benefits.

Healthy Regards!

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